Meet VBO Tickets

We're a tight knit team that works hard to meet the needs of our customers.

At VBO Tickets we believe technology should help people. We're a San Jose Bay Area based company that provides a robust all-in-one event ticketing solution. Our software helps many local and national organizations run their events and maintain great relationships with their patrons.

David Boehme
Co-Founder / Development
Coming to the U.S. from Germany at 22 years of age, David quickly developed a strong interest in technology and entrepreneurship. He is a co-founder of VBO, and is primarily involved in product development. After work on Thursday nights, you are likely to find him catching a midnight showing of the latest movie releases. Fun fact: In his teens, Dave was a national champion weightlifter!
Gary Myrah
Business Development
Gary joined VBO Tickets in 2012 to build and grow sales. He loves ever-changing challenges, opportunities with each customer and takes a personalized approach to providing solutions. He's a Bay Area native who enjoys getting outside with his two boys to mountain bike, ski and explore.
Hasan Tariq
Mobile Development
Hasan has extensive experience in Application Architecture and development. He has over 14 years of technical development experience under his belt. He leads the Mobile app team that develops the iOS and Android app. Hasan loves the outdoors so when he is not developing, he is probably hiking somewhere in the Sierra Nevada.
Mark Cyrus
Web / UI Design
Mark Cyrus is a designer and front-end developer striving to solve usability problems on the web by creating clean designs with modern techniques. Mark has worked on websites for startups, organizations, and businesses in the San Francisco Bay Area since 2008.
Ben Stephens
Customer Support
Ben is not only the customer support rep for VBO Tickets, he's also a client. After 5 years of being on the promoter side and using VBO, he joined the support team to help other theatres and event promoters. If you live the Bay Area, you can catch him doing improv comedy at the Made Up Theatre and purchase tickets using VBO's software!
Mike Fridley
Social Marketing
Born and raised in Columbus, Ohio, Mike Fridley is a social media strategist specializing in Associated Press writing style and copy editing. As a editor, reporter, columnist and photographer, Fridley has contributed to ESPN’s 'Jim Rome is Burning,', the Dallas Morning News and!
Keith Blalock
Keith is a recent addition to our sales team. After finishing San Jose State University, he brings a competitiveness and optimism to VBO Tickets. Coming from a small town, he loves the Bay Area. In his spare time he loves to play competitive sports. Whether it's basketball or a food eating competition, Keith doesn't like to shy away from a challenge.
Kirby Pallis
Coming from the Bay State of Massachusetts, Kirby brings experience in working with some “wicked awesome” festivals all along the East Coast including the MetroFest Arts, Music & Food Truck Festival and Moonrise Music Festival. When she’s not scanning tickets or working on her next event, she enjoys hiking and traveling to new places.
Donna Braxton
Donna brings 20-plus years of bookkeeping experience to VBO. When she is not tracking down our expense reports, she loves spending time with her family and enjoys travelling with friends.