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Event Ticketing Features

All-in-one ticketing and event management features that will blow your mind



  • Timed Ticketing

    Advanced timed tickes allow for times of entry on tickets with conditional, and simple timed tickets offers a minimal interface with a three step process.

  • Assigned Seating

    Also known as Reserved Seating, this provides sacalable custom seat maps to support theatre and table seating.

  • Conditional Tickets

    Allow customers to unlock exclusive tickets based on the primary ticket selection and set conditions

  • White Label Embedment

    Every transaction takes place through a fully brandable and seamlessly embedded plugin on your website. Keep patrons on your page through the entire buying process.

  • Virtual Events

    Sell tickets to private live streaming events or on-demand videos. Your patron's viewing experience never leaves your website, and can offer on screen donations and live chat.

  • Price Groups

    Manage an unlimited number of ticket prices for reserved seating events. Organize, color code, and reuse prices for any event.

  • Pricing Templates

    Scale your events quickly with pre-built pricing templates, or build your own temaples for any possible use case.

  • Single Sign On (SSO)

    With SSO, allow your students and staff to use one account to sign on to every platform throughout your campus; including VBO Tickets for event managers or ticket buyers.

  • Holds

    Hold tickets for later purchase online or at the box office.

  • SeatSocket

    Real time seat activity shows seats become unavailable or available again in the seat map.

  • Seatmap Builder

    Create custom venue seatmaps with unique section and row shapes, even curves!

  • Auto Scheduling

    Automatically create new events on a pre-set schedule.

  • Cart Abandonment Recovery

    Increase sales conversions for patrons who abandon their cart, with automated email and text reminders.

  • Integrated Registration Forms

    Create and style custom forms to collect user info for classes, workshops and registrations. Supports conditional form fields.

  • Deposits and Group Sales

    Accept partial payments online or in the box office with the ability to pay the balance at a later time.

  • Packages

    Offer multiple tickets bundled into a single group package.

  • Multi-Day Tickets

    General admission tickets for multi-day events that are configurable for all or selected event days.

  • General Admission

    Open-seating tickets with options such as advanced pricing, group pricing, shared allocations, deposits and more.

  • Ticket Templates

    Customizable templates for each ticket type: e-ticket, mobile ticket, thermal ticket for Boca, and laser ticket for standard printers. Use our detail tempaltes, or use your own HTML and CSS.

  • Dynamic Waitlist

    Dynamic Waitlist Effortlessly manage sold-out events by capturing a potential buyer's contact information and prioritize unsold high-demand ticket distribution with precision.

  • VBO Visual Calendar

    VBO Visual Calendar provides patrons a monthly visual snapshot of events, eliminating the need for scrolling through a long list. It delivers quicker and easier access with images to ticket purchases without compromising on the number of events displayed while increasing the opportunity to cross-promote.

  • VBO PowerQueue

    During high demand events, our hyper-efficient automated traffic management software with built-in queuing automatically regulates buyers for rapid throughput.

Box Office

  • VBO Pay

    Process credit cards on-site with chip & pin devices.

  • Split Payments

    Ability to pay with multiple payment types in one transaction.

  • Consignments

    Take inventory offline to set aside for other sales channels or promoters.

  • Pricing Override

    Control the service fees and pricing, or pass on fees. And apply discount codes at the box office instantly with an instant discount calculator.

  • Exchanges & Refunds

    Box office exchanges and online ticket exchange.

  • Account Lookup

    Easily lookup account holder details and auto fill billing fields.

  • Auto Load Subscribers

    Automatically apply subscriber benefits to existing cart for faster checkout.

  • Member Code Scanner

    Validate members and memberships.


  • Standard Subscription

    A season subscription with the ability for customers to pick their own seats. Add additional events without interruption.

  • Theatre Subscription

    In-house managed subscription package where seat assignments are managed by box office staff. Complete control over VIP seating.

  • Patron Subscription

    A pre-built season package that combines selected events at the same or multiple venues for seat selection by the patron.

  • Flex Pass

    Sell a block of tickets at a discounted price. Flex Passes are highly configurable by date, price, or event.

  • Pick A Show

    Offer discounts for selling multiple shows in one transaction.

  • Memberships

    Sell renewable memberships with ongoing benefits.

  • Recurring Memberships And Pledges

    Sell renewable memberships with ongoing benefits.

  • Renewal Emails And Letters

    Generate electronic and paper renewal emails or letters for your customers.

  • Ticketless Membership Access

    Provide members with a digital or physical card for easy entry on return visits to your venue.


  • Donor Dashboard

    View your donors at a glance with this comprehensive dashboard, and drill down into details like gift activity, and top donors.

  • Accept Donation

    Display a request for donation during the checkout process, either in the checkout page or as a popup before checkout. Alternatively, embed a donation plugin or widget on your website as a stand alone way to promote your donation campaigns and raise funds.

  • Donations With Ticket Checkout

    Offer the ability to add a donation for each event ticket sale. Donor Perks, Pledges and Seasons.

  • Automatic Thank You Letter

    Pre-configure thank you letters to each campaign specifically with placeholders to be sent automatically after donations.

  • Event Specific Campaigns

    Distinguish between global and event specific campaigns and offer pre-configured donation amounts. Manage and deploy multiple campaigns simultaneously.


  • Advanced Purchase Discount Pricing

    Offer discount incentives for advanced purchases with specific start and end dates, like day-of box office pricing; giving the ability to set and automatic price adjustment on the day of your event.

  • Email Lists

    Create email lists based on event attendees or other custom patron data outputs.

  • Email Integrations

    Sync your email lists from MailChimp or Constant Contact if your lists in VBO Tickets. Includes options to sync with lists and tags.

  • Social Sharing

    Patrons can share events and ticket purchases on social media like Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn. Set your own sharing URL for each event in case you have a unique page on your website for an event.

  • Reminder & Thank You Emails

    Send up to two automated emails 0-72 hours before an event starts, with your own custom messaging. Then, automatically send an email to event goers 0-72 hours after an event has ended, with your own custom messaging.

  • Video & Audio

    Embed a video from YouTube or other hosted video services, and an audio player from services like SoundCloud, to display under your event description.

  • Discount Codes

    A large variety of discount code options available for all events, subscriptions, and merchandise.

  • Group Codes

    Offer group codes to special groups to unlock hidden tickets or gain early access to pre sale events.

  • Rewards Program

    Fully integrated reward programs that rewards by dollars spent or tickets bought.

  • Advertisements

    Show advertisements on event pages, tickets, and order confirmations.

  • Sell On Facebook

    Show advertisements on event pages, tickets, and order confirmations.

  • Event Messages

    Add your own messages in many locations throughout the buying experience to speak directly to your patrons, and share information that may be useful or vital to their purchase. Display text or an image at the top of event pages, write a message above the shopping cart or before the billing step, add your message to the order confirmation screen and email, and fine tune many more unique message areas in the system.

  • Event Promotion

    During the checkout of one event, you can promote another event with Event Cross Promotion. Or, utilize Event Cross Listing to display a defined set of events you'd like to promote or sell before a patrons completes their checkout.

  • Tracking Codes

    Add scripts and code from any tracking service like Google or Facebook to track your events and ad campaigns through the checkout process.


  • Zapier Integrations

    Send transactional data to other apps automatically using Zapier and VBO Tickets.

  • QuickBooks Online Integration

    Connect to your Quickbooks Online account for fast and easy syncing of GL numbers and sales data.

  • Quickbooks Desktop Integration

    Connect and sync entries from VBO Tickets into your desktop based Quickbooks software.

  • Event Summary Report

    Breaks down ticket sales by sales channel and ticket types. Includes donations, merchandise, discounts, and anything related to an event.

  • Custom Sales Report

    Dive further into your events by building a report based on your search criteria.

  • Will Call Report

    Provides a real-time guest list or will-call list for your event. Includes e-tickets, merchandise, and reservation data.

  • Subscriber Report

    List subscribers breakdown by date range.

  • Custom Patron Report

    Allows you to view your patrons, subscribers, and donors report with various filter options to give you a customer profile.

  • Cashier Reports

    List transactions by cashier user and date range.

  • Reconciliation Reports

    A report designed to help reconciling with your online payment gateway.

  • Transaction Report

    Transaction details report lists all transactions by date range. View can be by order or by individual items.

  • Donation Report

    Compares various donation campaigns on a month to month basis.


  • Complete Profiles

    A complete overview of your customers with contact info, photo, order history, VIP rating, email history, and more.

  • Account Notes

    Add notes about your customers directly on their profile in the CRM.

  • Renew Subscriptions / Memberships

    Manually renew your customer subscriptions and memberships at the click of a button, or send out bulk emails with renewal details.

  • Secure Customer Data Management

    Manage credit and profiles with a tokenized secure connection to your payment gateway for recurring payments.

  • Manage Account Credits

    Manage and use customer credit in the CRM and box office.

  • Merge Accounts

    Merge account profiles into one to reduce duplicate data.

  • Duplication Management

    Designed to limit duplication and allow easy editing, merging and linking of accounts.

  • Constituent Links

    Link constituent profiles with others to manage integral relationships.


  • Mobile Apps

    Download the Mobile Event Manager app to your Apple or Android device to scan tickets at the door, look up patrons to check in or out, sell tickets on the spot, view event stats, and more.

  • CRM Access

    Access CRM information with the Mobile Event Manager app to view patron details.

  • Scan Tickets

    Supports real-time QR code scanning for access control during event attendence.

  • Sell Tickets

    Process transactions on the go with your connected chip & pin device, or take cash and print receipts with a connected mobile printer.

  • Lookup Patron Info

    Lookup orders and customers for manual check in.

  • Mobile Ticket Scanner

    Speed up your venue entry scanning and provide excellent low light capabilities via a built-in laser. View our supported ticket scanners for details and pricing.

  • Mobile Printers

    Bluetooth supported receipt or ticket printers work with the mobile app for convenient printing.

  • Statistics

    Real-time event summary data including sales and live-scan reporting.