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What Are Consignments?

Reach new audiences and gain exposure by giving away your tickets for resale. Consignments allow you to easily allocate tickets to a third party to sell for you. It’s like girl scout cookies, but instead of delicious, edible cookies, they’re selling your tickets! You get the revenue after they finish selling the tickets, and if any tickets aren’t sold, they go back into your inventory.


When you create consignments, you can either print out the tickets for pickup or delivery, email them, or put them on will call. With the ability to edit the design of your tickets, change the displayed price on the consignment tickets, and apply ticket numbering, you don’t need to worry about consignments being a bad fit for your organization.

Who Is This For?

Whether it be giving each team at a sports game stadium seats to fill, giving radio shows amusement park tickets to give away, or just giving individual patrons tickets to resell, consignments can serve any purpose your organization needs. They can be used to promote your event, reach new potential audiences, or more easily bring in large groups to an event.

Easily allocate tickets to a third party to sell for you.

Add new tickets to an existing consignment order

Discount consignment tickets

Require activation for scanning tickets

Consignments will show up on event summary report