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Event Ticketing Tools - Donor Dashboard

See Your Donors At A Glance

Your donor dashboard automatically updates as donations come in to track your donors throughout the year. View total gifts, retention rates, and see charts that break down the individual information about each donation and donor in your community.

Benefits of the donor dashboard

Access the donor dashboard to view all the information concerning your donors and their incoming activity. Overviews of your total donors, gifts, and retention rates are easily accessed and can be updated to reflect your preferred date ranges. Graphs break down past years of donations to compare your history cycle from year to year. Pie charts also inform you about your donation types and donor levels.


The donor dashboard helps you avoid searching through individual CRM profiles or running complicated reports to see important donor information. Although, you can easily access an individual donor’s profile from within the donor dashboard, and disable elements to build your own preferred dashboard view.

Learn how to utilize the donor dashboard

Ready to gain access to a new level of donor activity reporting? Contact VBO Tickets to learn how the Donor Dashboard can enhance your donor tracking, and discover the other time saving benefits of our all-in-one event management system.

Donor Dashboard overviews

Avoid searching through individual CRM profiles or running reports to see important donor information.

Donor Dashboard donor level pie chart

Total Views

A quick depiction of total donors, total gifts, and donor retention


Yearly comparisons for donor retention and incoming donations


View total donors and gifts within a custom date range

Top 20

View all your top campaigns in order of income


View a graph of donation history; comparing past years


Analyze pie charts showing donor types and donor levels


View a list of donors with recent gift activity and top lifetime donations

CRM Profiles

Get quick access to donor profiles without searching the CRM