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User-Friendly Timed Ticketing

Control venue capacity and the flow of patrons entering. Timed ticketing allows you to organize tickets into conditional categories, designated by specific times of entry. This helps regulate the flow of patrons through any venue – reducing long lines and overcrowding – which improves customer experience while increasing the ability to track admissions.

Maintain Flexibility With Timed Ticketing

Management of back-end timed ticket settings allows several options to fine tune how time slots and conditional tickets.

View all your ticket’s time slots in an easy to review time block layout with direct options to update any time.

Present available entry times on the front-end ticket buying experience so patrons know exactly when they can enter.

Try It For Yourself!

Events Within Events

Sell a general entry ticket with selectable time-frame within which patrons can attend a special exhibit or tour.

Time-Slot Availability

Time slot management gives you the ability to view, track, and edit ticket availability in real-time from a time blocked interface.

Simple Checkout

Switch to an optional simplified timed ticket purchase process per event, with a clear three step flow to select a date, time, and tickets.

Sell With GA Tickets

Timed tickets can be priced and sold separately from general admission tickets, or along side your GA tickets to increase buying options.