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Conditional Tickets

What Are Conditional Tickets?

Take your ticket selling to the next level. Conditional ticketing allows you to sell tickets that can only be purchased if your customer adds a specific ticket first. Selecting a primary ticket triggers a secondary ticket, meaning once a buyer chooses a quantity for the primary ticket, they’ll be given the option to purchase a ticket they weren’t able to prior.

You have the option to keep your secondary ticket hidden, or have it shown but locked. You’re also able to make the secondary ticket an add-on item, like how merchandise is usually shown; whichever fits your needs the most.

Who Is This For?

Any organization that has a need for a multidimensional ticket sales process can take advantage of conditional tickets. Whether it be a museum that has a special exhibit with separate tickets on top of their normal exhibit tickets, or a festival that has multiple events within it, both require attendees to purchase general admission tickets in order to purchase the special tickets within. If either of those sound like you, or you just want to explore your ticketing options, start using conditional ticketing now!

Unlock additional tickets based on the selection of a primary ticket first.

Offer as hidden, visibly but locked, or as merchandise add-on

Have multiple conditional tickets with different conditions

Configure on the global template level or per event level

Customizable color codes for different conditional tickets