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Real Time Seat Activity

Our SeatSocketTM technology allows ticket buyers to watch real time seat status updates while an event is on sale. This virtually eliminates the risk of seat loss during checkout. Once a seat is selected, it’s guaranteed to the buyer. Now that’s powerful seat selection.


How It Works

Live Seat Status

As in, by the milisecond, every seat’s available or unavailable status is visible to everyone.

Mobile Compatible

SeatSocketTM works seamlessly on mobile phones and tablets, as well as larger screen devices.

Visual Seat Availability

Configurable seat colors and size help visually depict when seats are selected by other patrons.

Multi Section Capable

Switch between venue sections without missing or disrupting any of the seat selection satus activities.

Lock Seats For Purchase

By selecting any number of seats, the patron instantly guarantees those seats for purchase.

Box Office View

Watch the same real time seat status updates from the Box Office, not just on your website from our plugin.