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Split Payments

What Are Split Payments?

Split payments give your patrons more flexibility when paying for items, whether they’re a group of people that each want to pay for their own ticket, or a person who just wants to pay from multiple sources.


Customers will be able to finance a single transaction from different sources, whether it be in cash, credit card, check, a gift card, a custom payment, or a balance for future payment. Box office staff can easily add or remove payment types during the checkout process.

Who Is This For?

Giving customers more payment options will benefit any organization. Especially if you offer gift cards or account credit, split payments will be essential to transactions running smoothly. Accomodate more of your customers’ needs with split payments!

Pay for a single transaction with a mix of cash, credit card, gift card, and more.

Available for online, box office and phone sales

Custom payments types, like In-kind Donations, external collection, Gold Star, or Groupon.

Automatically recalculates remaining amount needed to complete purchase