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Pricing Templates

What Are Pricing Templates?

Easily apply premade pricing templates to your events. With pricing templates, you don’t need to set up the ticket prices for each of your events over and over again; you can just make a template once and apply it to all of your events.

Do some of your prices vary across events? Pricing templates can still help. You can easily copy a template and edit it a bit, and you’re done! You can do this for multi day seating, general seating, or even assigned seating.

When creating templates for assigned seating, you’re able to select specific seats or sections and edit their prices, add special offers, create shared allocations, and more, giving you more control on little price nuances on the seat map. You can even mark seats as ADA compatible or mark them as sold to give customers more information when purchasing tickets.

Who Is This For?

Any organization with many events that are similar to each other. So basically, every organization. Maybe a museum always offers adult, student, and senior tickets with different price points. Even if events vary by ticket price, they can still use the same shared allocation pricing template, just modified a bit. The same applies to stadium events where different seat sections are different prices, including sports games and concerts, and any other event type!

Make a template once and apply it to all of your events.

Use for general admission or assigned seating

Bulk edit tickets or fine tune details for specific seats

Create as many tempaltes as needed and easily filter to find

Grag, highlight, click and edit seats from a visual map