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Ticketless Membership Access

Benefits Of Membership Cards

Make it easier than ever for your patrons to visit your venue time and time again by enhancing their membership experience with personalized membership cards. Provide a physical membership card, printed on PVC stock using a supported Magicard 600 printer, or offer a digital card that can be displayed on their mobile device and added to Apple or Google wallet. Using mobile scanners, your staff can easily scan in patrons who have membership cards as they return to your venue, automatically validating tickets in their membership or subscription.

Who can use membership cards?

Organizations that sell memberships such as museums, aquariums and other attractions, can benefit from providing patrons with a membership card. By using our pre-built templates, or customizing one to fit your organization’s branding, you can offer membership cards right away.

Offer membership cards today

Want to learn more about how membership cards can enhance your patron’s experience? Contact VBO Tickets to book a demo and see it in action, and discover the other time saving benefits of our all-in-one event ticketing system.

See it in action!

Receive a functional example of a digital membership card directly on your phone. Enter your phone number below to see how it works.

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Digital membership card

Customizable membership cards with your branding for your patrons.

Printed membership card

Digital Cards

Patron’s can open their membership in their phone browser or save to Apple or Google wallet

Printable Cards

Print a physical card at your box office with the supported Magicard 600 printer


Use a pre-built template for either type of card, or customize it to suit your branding

Easy Entry

Patrons simply need their card scanned at your venue, and validation happens automatically