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VBO Visual Calendar

What is VBO Visual Calendar?

VBO Visual Calendar gives ticket buyers a quick visual snapshot of all events in a month displayed by day. This new view eliminates scrolling a long event list by displaying all your events in a visual monthly calendar. It makes ticketing purchases quicker and easier to find, without compromising the number of events displayed.

How does VBO Visual Calendar work?

VBO Visual Calendar gives promoters the option to allow patrons to see multiple events in one day, in a larger monthly view by week, with your event image displayed with your event title. The calendar pulls the creative content (such as poster artwork used for the ticketing promotion) directly from your existing events that you set-up. All you need to do is simply enable the feature in your general settings to make the view available to patrons.

Learn more about VBO Visual Calendar

Interested in learning about how VBO Visual Calendar can help you with patron engagement? Contact us today for a live demo of this feature and we will answer questions and address pain points of your current ticketing platform in real-time.

One View

Showcase multiple events in a visually engaging monthly layout that is easier for patrons to quickly search

Share More

Drive cross promotion with easy to implement visual event format to increase interest, sales and attendance

Creativity + Brand Consistency

CSS customization available for web designers to maintain branding look and feel while allowing for boundless creativity