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VBO PowerQueue

What Is VBO PowerQue?

Our engineering team has developed functionality to ensure high traffic on our white label ticketing platform gets properly managed to handle tens of thousands of sessions at once without crashing. Not only is the ticket queue and load balancing highly efficient, but it’s also integrated in the VBO platform. Always prepared, it goes into action when ticket buying volume spikes, while in the background traffic is managed to improve system throughput. No need to monitor visitors to turn anything on or check any boxes; the queue and load balancing will automatically kick in to optimize client purchasing and keep them informed and engaged.

Drama Free Event Ticketing 24/7/365

Is your ticketing platform ready at any time for thousands of buyers purchasing high demand tickets and merchandise all at once? Backed by our hyper-efficient automated traffic management software with built-in queuing, our system is ready at any time of day or night to manage peak demands without missing a step.

Efficient Ticket Queueing and Load Balancing

No crashes during high demand, high traffic events

Designed and proven to handle +1,000 simultaneous sessions per second

Automated Action during Volume Spikes

Seamless experience within our ecosystem

Included as a fee-free feature across the platform

Automated Action during Volume Spikes

Be pre-prepared for any rapid surges in ticket buying