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Patron Ticketing Subscriptions

Configuring a Patron Subscription requires that all related events have been built in the system. For each subscription package, specific event dates are chosen to create a one click checkout flow. All events are pre-defined with the option of multiple event date choices. Patrons now only need to select the package type (i.e. Tues – Wed subscription) and select their seats to complete the checkout process. Subscriber tickets will then be fulfilled immediately. Promoters can set a date range where preferred subscriber seats are protected and unable to be selected by any subscribers other than the owner of the seats.


Give Patrons Control Over Seat Selection Online.

Preferred Seating

Block off preferred seats to avoid purchases from other subscribers.

Flexible Pricing Tiers

Supports multiple ticket types such as adult, student, or military each with different pricing.

Early Access

Allow subscribers access to tickets via their online account by setting the number of days prior to an event.

Instant Ticket Access

Tickets are automatically emailed to the patron immediately after purchase.

Renewal Message

Before a subscription expires a patron will be sent an automatic email to renew their subscription online.


Patron Seat Selection

If you’d like to sell a block of tickets for events during a specified season, a Flex Pass Subscription may be more beneficial.


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