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Event Ticketing Online - Utilize Single Sign On (SSO)

What Is Single Sign On For Colleges?

Keeping multiple account credentials, whether as a student or faculty member, and needing each one to sign in to a different campus account, is cumbersome. With Single Sign On (SSO), event management for colleges becomes much simpler. SSO allows you to have one account and use it to sign on to every platform throughout your campus. In the case with VBO Tickets, this means your staff can sign on with their one account to manage events, and your students can sign on to purchase tickets.

The benefits of Single Sign On for your campus

While Single Sign-On (SSO) is often a requirement for many colleges and universities, it’s surprising how many campuses are not fully leveraging this time-saving utility. SSO streamlines the authentication process by allowing users to access multiple applications with a single set of credentials, reducing the need for repeated logins and improving user experience. One of the most significant benefits of SSO is the ability to brand a centralized portal for students and faculty, which can be seamlessly integrated into the institution’s website. This not only enhances the user experience by providing a cohesive and familiar interface but also reinforces the institution’s brand identity.


For event ticketing managers, implementing SSO can drastically reduce administrative overhead by simplifying access to event management systems, ticketing platforms, and other essential services. It ensures that users are authenticated securely and efficiently, which is crucial for maintaining data integrity and protecting sensitive information. Additionally, a branded SSO portal can serve as a powerful communication tool, conveying trust, professionalism, and a commitment to technological excellence. By adopting SSO, educational institutions can demonstrate their dedication to providing a modern, user-friendly digital environment that meets the needs of their diverse user base.

Learn how to get started with SSO

Ready to upgrade to a more user friendly sign on experience for your entire campus? Learn how VBO Tickets can integrate SSO with your institution, and discover the other time saving benefits of our event management system for colleges and universities.

College campus SSO sign in portal

SSO allows you to have one account and use it to sign on to every platform throughout your campus.

More Access

Sign on to VBO Tickets with the same credentials used for other campus services

One Sign on

No more managing multiple credentials across departments

Easy to Remember

Never lose access due to forgotten or incorrect usernames or passwords

Easy Setup

Easily set up SSO with VBO Tickets