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Price Groups

What Are Price Groups?

Price Groups are used to create a variety of pricing options for assigned seating events, and help organize the pricing structure for your events. Once created, a price group can be applied to specific seats or sections within a seating map – allowing for more versatile pricing options from event to event. Price groups allow multiple ticket types to be created, control over sales channels, and access to event-specific seat map colors.

What Are Price Groups?

Patrons can easily see pricing for your event when they click on your seat map. Ticket names and prices that you assigned to your price group will allow patrons to choose the ticket that is right for them.

The benefit of price groups

Price groups allow you total control over pricing your events. They allow unlimited ticket types, event-specific box-office-only tickets, and control over event-specific seat map colors. Once a price group is attached to an event, patrons can choose from the ticket types provided and see the price associated with that ticket. Update price groups at any time if prices change.

Discover the power of price groups

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Price groups management screen

Price groups allow you total control over pricing your events.

Price group edit screen

Variable Pricing

Set up multiple different prices for your events


Use an unlimited number of ticket types

More Sales

Control individual sales channels for each ticket type

Variable Pricing

Update seat map colors based on price

Event Specific

Create event-specific box-office-only ticket types


Copy price groups to use for multiple different events