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San Jose Jazz Summerfest 2015 and VBO Tickets: Another Successful Year

During the weekend of Aug 7-9, the city of San Jose hosted one of the largest jazz festivals in the United States: The San Jose Jazz Summerfest. As it has for the last 4 years, VBO Tickets proudly provided the ticketing solution for an event that welcomed over tens of thousands ... More

Recent Developments at VBO

As new features are being worked on at VBO on an ongoing basis, we wanted to update everyone on a few key developments: - Timed tickets: As VBO has welcomed the museum industry into the family, more features that will streamline access to the venue and the exhibits within. One of the ... More

On the Horizon at VBO

One of the biggest developments soon to be in usage for the system is the long-awaited Mailchimp and Constant Contact API. The API has passed the approval stage, and is now undergoing testing to make sure that any functionality issues are resolved before it is implemented. Other developments to expect shortly include: - ... More