Developers’ Blog: VBO Multi-Scanner Offline Scan Solution

In order to provide greater flexibility for tracking event attendance, Virtual Box Office has developed an offline-scan solution called the "VBO Scan." For this setup, VBO provides a laptop, router and industrial-style barcode scanners. With this method, an event's barcodes are downloaded to the laptop, and then it is taken offline ... More

Developers’ Blog: Third Party Barcodes

VBO now supports third-party barcodes from such companies as Living Social, Groupon, and Goldstar. These discounted ticket providers usually send promoters a list of barcodes associated with purchases made for their events. Up until now, many promoters opted to place these third-party purchases on a will-call list. With VBO's barcode import ... More

Developers’ Blog: Split Payments

VBO is nearly finished developing a split-payment option for transactions. This highly-anticipated feature will allow promoters to accept different methods of payment for one transaction. Another feature will be the ability to process partial payments, which gives the promoter the flexibility to sell an item, yet leave a balance that can ... More