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VBO Tickets Tests Opticon H-27 in Ticket-Scanning Environment

VBO Tickets staff has long said that we're the most innovative thinkers in the ticketing industry, and we've proved it once again. This week at a sold-out Christmas show in California, VBO Tickets were the absolute first in the trade to implement the Opticon H-27 for ticket-scanning purposes. An initial test ... More


IN JOINT EFFORT WITH COVENANT HOUSE CALIFORNIA, VBO TICKETS PROVIDES MEALS TO OAKLAND'S HOMELESS AND UNDERPRIVLAGED YOUTH In a display of our continued commitment to the Greater Bay Area community, VBO Tickets came through for those most in need over the Thanksgiving holiday. VBO Tickets donated funds and manpower to assist the homeless ... More

New! Foldable E-Tickets

VBO has introduced a new e-Ticket template, one that folds easily into your patrons' pockets! The ticket is divided into 4 sections: one for event and venue information; one for the patron information; one for any advertisements; and one for instructions on how to fold the ticket. This new template can ... More