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The Art of Ice Cream

Austin’s dreamland for Instagrammers uses VBO Tickets

“VBO Tickets supported us during a significant time of transition at The Art Of Ice Cream. Thanks to their team’s committed partnership and ability to offer up creative solutions, we have been able to greatly improve the way we serve our patrons. Working with VBO Tickets has truly set our business up for success.”

Deborah Fiorentino,


The Art Of Ice Cream

The Art of Ice Cream is a dazzling interactive experience that guides people through tours of uniquely curated rooms themed around loved ice cream treats. An Instragrammer’s dream, each space provides colorful backdrops for captivating photos, and abundant expressions of texture and tone. With various interactive engagements positioned throughout the experience and an ice cream treat offered at the end – The Art of Ice Cream attracts locals as well as tourists from far and wide.


The Challenge


Due to unforeseen circumstances, The Art of Ice Cream found themselves in urgent need for new ticketing software while also facing the transition to a new venue. Seeking rapid turnaround in the implementation of a new system, The Art of Ice Cream approached VBO Tickets. With a high volume of patrons, The Art of Ice Cream desired a system to help manage the flow of customers through the venue while accurately communicating when a particular day is sold out. Due to a number of recurring events, different pricing structures, and various discount codes being used through third-party sites, The Art of Ice Cream was in need of dynamic software that could keep up with their everyday demands, while also integrating with their current systems.


The Solution


VBO Tickets quickly and seamlessly developed tools to meet the specific requirements of The Art of Ice Cream. By implementing a timed ticketing system, VBO Tickets helped The Art of Ice Cream moderate the flow of customers through the experience by enabling patrons to purchase tickets in advance for a particular window of time. VBO Tickets’ unique scheduling features allowed the The Art of Ice Cream to set up recurring future events, while also accurately communicating dates which were sold out. VBO Ticket’s integrated payment systems gave customers the ability to enter discount codes, purchased from third-party sites, and easily process tickets at the indicated price. With the sudden need to change venues, VBO Tickets also set up templates for upcoming events in order to effortlessly transition previously purchased tickets from one venue to the other without issue.


The Results


VBO Tickets worked swiftly to integrate our ticketing software with The Art of Ice Cream’s current infrastructure. Through the implementation of tools and features, VBO Tickets enabled the venue to better regulate the daily flow of patrons, and provided opportunities to optimize management of advance ticket purchases, resulting in increased customer satisfaction. VBO Tickets’ responsive support, efficient customer communication tools, and quick turnaround on solutions, helped The Art of Ice Cream to seamlessly move to a new venue without disrupting ticket holders. VBO Tickets’ partnership with The Art of Ice Cream has allowed the attraction to improve support of patrons while increasing admission and managing their growth effectively, and with ease.

Courtesy of The Art of Ice Cream.

VBO Tickets worked swiftly to integrate our ticketing software.

Courtesy of The Art of Ice Cream.