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How VBO Became ComedySportz Go-To Ticket Sales Software

Find out how VBO Tickets helps the CSz franchise sell tickets to improv shows and classes

“VBO Tickets has allowed us to seamlessly sell our comedy events and classes on our website without any complicated integration. And their hands on support is always there if we need it. You guys rock!”

Jeff Kramer – Founder and President,


ComedySportz San Jose

ComedySportz is a nationwide association of independent comedy clubs and theatres, each presenting impromptu comedy in the form of a team sport and teaching the requisite skills of improv performance. A ComedySportz match features two teams of comedians competing for laughs and points, with a referee overseeing each competition and calling fouls. An average of 7- 12 games are played during a ComedySportz bout, which are derived from a repertoire of over a hundred improv games.


The Challenges


Every year, managers from national ComedySportz sites meet to review best practices, branding objectives and strategies. With ComedySportz San Jose being an early client of VBO Tickets, the branch invited our team to demonstrate our software and services at the annual meeting. As a collective, ComedySportz was seeking a platform that provided a customized and integrative solution that reflective the cohesive spirit and mission of its brand. In addition, ComedySportz desired a way to promote product purchases directly from each site’s individual websites without redirecting customers to a new webpage. With growing goals around customer retention and increased patron support, ComedySportz was also seeking an easy-to-use solution to bolster efforts relating to customer communication, promotion, and rewards programs.


The Solutions


Thanks to the knowledge and experience gained from our partnership with ComedySportz San Jose, VBO Tickets worked quickly to adapt tools and develop features to suit the specific requirements of our new ComedySpotrz clients. VBO Tickets’ white label platform provided a way for each ComedySportz venue to sell merchandise on their websites, and even promote products in conjunction with ticket purchases. In order to help ComedySportz meet their customer care goals, VBO Tickets developed functions which allowed box office managers to implement a loyalty program for fans, as well as issue gift cards and rewards which could be applied both online and at the box office. VBO Tickets’ communications tools also supported ComedySportz’s aim to increase customer outreach and engagement, through the ability to facilitate email campaigns as well promote upcoming events and news on each site’s social channels.


The Results


VBO Tickets worked one-on-one with each ComedySportz location to understand its goals and requirements and worked swiftly to seamlessly integrate our platform with 16 ComedySportz Sites. Our comprehensive system and responsive support team allowed VBO Tickets to provide the services needed to increase each venue’s revenue through improved ticket and merchandise sales functionalities, while also building additional visibility around their brand by use of our marketing and communications features. Thanks to our partnership, ComedySportz has been able to achieve their objective for brand alignment, as well as optimized their customer support strategies, and continues to grow its market share while building its reputation as a compelling and innovative business.

Courtesy of CSz San Jose.

VBO Tickets worked one-on-one with each ComedySportz location to understand its goals and requirements.

Courtesy of CSz San Jose.