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How VBO Became Newfields' Go-To Museum Management Software

Indianapolis’ place for nature and the arts uses VBO Tickets

“From the very beginning VBO Tickets has stepped up with creative solutions and integrations to help Newfields improve our patrons ticket-buying experience.”

Kyle Jaebker – Director,



We sat down with Kyle at Newfields to ask about their experience with VBO Tickets after having been with us for a while. Here’s what he had to say.


What was a problem you had before you started using our product and service?


Newfields had separate systems for box office and online sales. This made managing tickets and memberships more complicated than it needed to be. VBO Tickets gives us a solution that works for both and allows for easy integration with our website and centralized reporting.


What did you learn during your search for a solution?


A lot of platforms require the purchase of infrastructure and a lengthy setup phase. However, we needed to move quickly with our setup and be live in a short period of time. VBO Tickets allowed us to do that.


What about our product, service, or company stood out to you among the competition?


The integration really stood out to me. We were able to add VBO Tickets to our existing website with only slight modifications. We didn’t want to direct someone away from our site to buy tickets, so this simple integration allowed us to get up and running quickly with minimal effort. Also, having both online and onsite sales tied to the same platform was exactly what we were looking for. And the fact that VBO Tickets is cloud based also made it an easy choice.


What made you feel at-ease about choosing to work with us?


The team at VBO Tickets was very responsive and accommodated us on a lot of changes needed to get up and running. They were very good at communicating the features of the system and training our development team to ensure the integration went smoothly.


How has working with us changed the way your company does business?


Previously, onsite sales and online sales were handled by two separate systems that were not integrated. VBO Tickets has brought those into one combined package that allows for easier management of ticketing and membership sales through multiple channels.


Did anything exceed your expectations about our product, service, or company?


The responsiveness. I have worked with a lot of companies that are not able to move quickly when problems arise. VBO Tickets treats us like a valued partner – not just a client.


Why would you recommend us to someone else?


VBO Tickets helped us create a combined experience for both box-office and online ticket and membership sales. As Newfields discovered new requirements and processes, VBO Tickets worked diligently to enhance the features of the platform for our needs. With a quick response time and the ease of integration with existing online resources, VBO Tickets has met our needs at Newfields.


Thanks Kyle!

Courtesy of the Newfields.

The VBO Tickets team was very responsive to all of our needs.

Courtesy of Newfields.