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Winchester Mystery House

San Jose, CA’s infamous Winchester Mystery House uses VBO Tickets

“The team at VBO Tickets are wizards and have been able to meet, or exceed, our expectations when challenged with finding new solutions for our needs.”

Michael Taffe – Director of Operations,


Winchester Mystery House

We connected with Jessica at Winchester Mystery House to hear her feedback after using VBO Tickets’ platform for the past 6 months. Here’s what she had to say about the company’s experience.


What challenge did your company struggle with in relation to ticketing and patron management? How did VBO Tickets help with this challenge?


One of the major challenges that we were facing was that our current ticketing software did not allow us to have multiple events available while restricting our guests from purchasing tickets and overlapping the timing of the tours. VBO Tickets’ timed ticketing system helped solve this issue for us, by providing a conditional ticketing platform that only allowed guests to select tours that wouldn’t potentially overlap in duration.


When considering new ticketing and patron management software, what stood out to you about VBO Tickets?


VBO tickets was the first company to develop their unique timed ticketing feature and show us how it could improve our daily operations.


How has VBO Tickets helped optimize your business?


VBO Tickets has allowed us to streamline our guest check process online. We now have the capability of accessing each guest list for every tour, which allows us to check patrons in by name and also enables us to make announcements alerting those who are missing, and even reach out to guests individually. This personalizes the process while also giving us the tools to manage tours efficiently.


What surprised you, or exceeded your expectations, about VBO Tickets’ software and/or service?


We were very impressed with the flexibility of creating multiple events for guests to purchase without any overlap. In addition, VBO Tickets’ software allows us to easily create recurring events and gives us the ability to seamlessly apply discount codes and implement presale options.


What is the most important tool or feature that VBO Tickets offers?


VBO’s Tickets’ timed ticketing logic has helped us sell tickets for tours and events in a manner that avoids overlapping tour times and improves the flow of patrons through the space. This tool has helped us avoid issues of overcrowding during popular times and dates, as well as eliminate the risk of overselling certain time frames. Thanks to timed ticketing, we can optimize our ticket sales each day and ensure that guests enjoy their experience.


Why would you recommend VBO Tickets to another attraction venue?


Absolutely! Not only are they flexible, but their customer support team is more than helpful, and they respond extremely quickly. I would recommend them to anyone who is looking to improve their day-to-day operations and optimize their ability to sell tickets.


Thanks Jessica!

Courtesy of Winchester Mystery House.

VBO Tickets was the first company to develop their unique timed ticketing feature.

Courtesy of Winchester Mystery House.