Comedy Club Ticketing Software

Improv and Comedy Clubs around the country count on VBO Tickets for getting more laughs

  • All-in-one comedy club ticketing

    From box office ticket sales to selling on your website, our system does it all.

  • Auto event scheduling

    Setup repeating events at any time with start and end dates.

  • Workshops / Registrations

    Conditional registration forms for any type of event or workshop you want to sell.

  • Mobile box office

    Process credit cards and cash anywhere with our box office app.

  • Rewards and loyalty programs

    Offer incentives for your returning customers with customizable programs.

  • CRM & customer management

    Manage your customer records and communication with ease.

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Jeff Lramer

"VBO Tickets has allowed us to seamlessly sell our comedy events and classes on our website without any complicated integration. And their hands on support is always there if we need it. You guys rock!"

How We Work

Comedy Club Ticketing Software

The Challenges

At VBO Tickets, we view our clients as partners, and we take pride in our partnerships with numerous comedy clubs nationwide, always reaching to meet the unique demands of this ever-changing market. With comprehensive box office needs, ranging from ticket sales to merchandise sales as well as memberships and loyal programs – VBO Tickets' all-in-one platform helps extend the capacity of the teams we serve by streamlining box offices functions and automating features to maximize efficiency. As many of the venues we serve are managing a vast range of customer activations– from classes and workshops to shows to tournaments – we've also designed our platform to seamlessly integrate into pre-existing systems and make it easy to manage a box office from anywhere by developing each functionality to be compatible on any mobile device. In addition, we've supported customer care needs by offering intuitive relationship management and communications tools, which allow managers to effectively track and engage patrons across a variety of different channels while collecting and storing data with each interaction. Because, at VBO Tickets, we believe in collaborative problem solving and are committed to customizing solutions to meet the needs of each and every comedy venue we serve.

The Solutions

VBO Tickets' all-inclusive and customizable platform allows box offices managers to generate revenue in the manners which best serve their company's audience and objectives. Thanks to our cloud-based technology, our software allows managers to sell tickets, merchandise, memberships and more – from anywhere, anytime - be it the box office, online or via any mobile device. Plus, our white label platform allows patrons to make purchases directly from your company's webpage, without ever being redirected to another site.

VBO Tickets has also created automated features which grant box office staff the capability to set up automatic schedules for recurring classes and workshops which reduces the resources required to manually update listings for upcoming and ongoing events. Registration for workshops and special events is also made simple with the help of our conditional registration forms, which can be uniquely formatted for all types of events, eliminating issues such as oversold workshops and overlapping class times. Administrators also are given the ability to apply discount codes and offer incentives to loyal event goers, which improves retention rates and provides the opportunity to reward loyal customers for their patronage.

Every easy-to-use tool packaged in our platform automatically syncs with our robust CRM software, providing administrators with the means to target the unique interests or common traits of patrons, track customer engagements, identify business trends, and manage client communications. VBO Tickets also provides managers with communications features which allow for effortless facilitation of email marketing campaigns, individual follow-up or outreach, and the promotions of upcoming events and workshops on social media.

With extensive features finely tuned to serve the needs of our comedy clients, VBO Tickets works hard to continually update our software in order to meet each businesses' unique challenges and help equip our clients to succeed in this competitive industry.

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VBO Tickets believes in collaborative problem solving.

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