How it works

Sell tickets to any event directly on your website.


Create your profile

VBO takes you on a journey of success step-by-step; first, simply create a short profile that introduces your business to customers and sets it apart from your contemporaries.


Setup a payment gateway

VBO supports all major payment gateways so you can use your existing merchant account to sell your tickets.


Create an event

Creating a new event is made easy with VBO’s smart software. Select pre-defined details or enter your own custom text and information. The sky’s the limit!


Add tickets

Setting up ticket details for your events is a breeze. Limitless options are at your disposal, as are pre-loaded seating maps and the power to lay out your own stadium diagrams, as well as pricing structure.


Add to your website

Sell tickets directly on your website with personalized branding. Reach even more customers by selling on your Facebook page using VBO’s powerful and easy social media plugins!


Market your event

Target customers that were previously beyond your reach with VBO’s innovative marketing tools and media contacts database. Integrated email blast compatibility and press release writing services are just the tip of the iceberg.


View reports

Industry-leading reporting and analytical information keep you in the know at all times.



Customer service management is a must in today’s business climate. Keep tabs on your customers: purchase history, trends and much, much more!