Comedy Ticketing Software

Improv and Comedy Clubs around the country count on VBO Tickets to get more laughs

  • All-in-one comedy club ticketing

    From box office ticket sales to selling on your website.

  • Auto event scheduling

    Setup repeating events at any time with start and end dates.

  • Classes & registrations

    Conditional registration forms for any type of event, class, or workshop.

  • Mobile box office

    Process credit cards and cash anywhere with our VBO Mobile app.

  • Rewards and loyalty programs

    Offer incentives for your returning customers with customizable rewards programs.

  • CRM & customer management

    Manage your customer records and communication with our built in CRM tools.

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Jeff Lramer

"VBO Tickets has allowed us to seamlessly sell our comedy events and classes on our website without any complicated integration. And their hands on support is always there if we need it. You guys rock!"

How We Work

Comedy Ticketing Software

Comedy and improv theatres have been a lot of pun to work with. Over the years, our relationships with comedy venues have provided us with insight into the difficulties of their ticketing and patron management. From this we've built our event ticketing software with the needs of comedy events in mind.

  • Do you manually create recurring events?

    Hosting the same show every day, week, or month is a common theme amongst comedy clubs. Manually building out these events over and over again can be a tedious process making the over all event management more time consuming.

  • Our automatic event scheduler does the work.

    Our event scheduler tool helps promoters save time by automatically populating events in advance based on the days it should repeat, with start and end times.

  • Is your reporting inefficient?

    Comedy clubs can become chaotic as people begin to filter in through the entrances. Keeping track of sales information, and how many people attend your event is impossible without specific reports in place and reliable data.

  • We offer 25+ accurate reports.

    Our predefined and custom reports give you the ability to output all the data you need. The Custom Sales Report offers 100s of combinations for data on patrons, events, payments, and a lot more. This really becomes an invaluable report.

  • Do you miss out on website integration?

    Comedy ticketing software that does not integrate with your website can turn patrons away from purchasing. Redirecting patrons to another website during the purchase process can cause confusion as to who they're buying tickets from.

  • We seamlessly embed on your website.

    Our white label software integrates into any website. It is fully styleable and responsive on any device. Patrons can purchase event tickets and much more directly from your website without ever leaving the page.

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An Interview

We spoke with Made Up Theatre about their early challenges and how they're now using VBO Tickets to succeed in their new venue.

VBO Tickets' Custom Sales Report really becomes an invaluable tool for accounting and marketing.

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A Case Study

Find out how VBO Tickets met the needs of an entire comedy event franchise starting with ComedySportz San Jose.