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VBO Tickets Brings Cutting-Edge Event and Ticketing Technology to Brazil

Industry’s best ticketing and event management platform is helping promoters stake claim to new territories allowing them to stage mega events with seamless entry.

(SAN JOSE) — VBO Tickets, an innovator in the global ticketing and event technology industry, is leading the charge of empowerment for event promoters around the world with its international white label ticketing affiliate program.

VBO Tickets’ official affiliate in Brazil, TicketDigital, is harvesting the fruits of a successful partnership and making inroads to previously untapped markets in South America’s largest country. Despite being a startup and the first ticketing company in Espirito Santo (a state in southeastern Brazil), TicketDigital has already expanded into four additional states in the region with plans to grow into new markets in the coming years.

One of the challenges VBO Tickets aided TicketDigital in conquering was the extremely popular “PULSAR” electronic music festival, which is hosted by a National Park in the remote countryside of Minas Gerais. While an absolutely gorgeous and worthy venue, this setting has no access to the Internet or alternative solution that other event management platforms need to function. VBO Tickets’ exclusive method for offline ticket scanning and device communication made for a successful event that left both patrons and the promoter pleased with the results.

Years of fine-tuning the trade’s most complete and customizable all-in-one solution for promoters of any scale makes this possible for any VBO Tickets client in virtually any location. From seatmap templates to merchandise retail support at the venue, VBO Tickets is a true one-stop shop for box office entry, subscription management, event promotion, donations and whatever the imaginative promoter can envision.

“Our affiliate program takes white label to a new level,” said VBO Tickets Vice President of Sales, Ríque Villa. “VBO has built a state-of-the-art event and ticketing technology platform from the ground up, allowing existing or even upstart ticketing companies to tap directly into what we’ve developed from years of experience in practically every field of patron admission, event registration and fundraising.”

VBO Tickets provides production companies, promoters, venue managers and now ticketing companies with the solutions to promote, sell and market events through a cutting-edge white label platform featuring powerful plugins and widgets. From private VIP events in Silicon Valley to large-scale community attractions at city centers, VBO Tickets is a proven solution for any promoter or venue manager looking to gain total control of their business and increase revenue.

To experience the intuitive power of VBO Tickets’ complete white label ticketing solution, contact Ríque Villa [+1 (415) 420-4029] to discuss the future of ticketing and how we can help you achieve your goals.


Formed in 2012, VBO Tickets is the all-in-one solution for event production on any scale: whether you’re a non-profit community theatre putting on a spectacular show or a mega promoter creating memories by the thousands, VBO Tickets is the definitive choice for cutting-edge event and ticketing technology. With its robust, feature-rich — yet user-friendly — platform, VBO Tickets is an industry leader. Its unique and innovative white label technology serves hundreds of clients in the fine and performing arts, academics, sports, concerts, festivals, comedy, improv, municipal and rental venues, as well as corporate event fields. Based at the epicenter of Silicon Valley in San Jose, California, VBO Tickets is proud to offer its platform to the global market, recently expanding its reach into the UK, Germany, South Africa, Malaysia, Indonesia, the Caribbean and Brazil. Simply stated, VBO Tickets is getting rave reviews as the ticketing company of choice from clients and patrons alike!

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