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Upgrading Campus Events: New Features for Colleges and Universities

Campus events stand as pivotal moments for academic and community life. These events – ranging from conferences and concerts to athletic competitions – serve not just as entertainment but as crucial platforms for learning, engagement, and celebrating tradition. Acknowledging this, VBO Tickets is at the forefront of higher education event management, enhancing the way colleges and universities plan, execute, and experience events. We are pleased to announce an expanded set of new features designed with the needs of academic institutions in mind.

The Power of Single Sign-On (SSO) Integration

Today it is expected by users that online and offline systems have rapid and easy access. With this in mind, VBO Tickets introduces our newest Single Sign-On (SSO) integration, streamlining the event management experience for both students, staff, and administration. This feature allows both the systems administrators and any affiliated end-users to log into the ticketing system using their existing university credential system, fostering a seamless and secure entry process. The integration of SSO with longstanding security access systems providers reflects our commitment to simplifying complex processes, ensuring that the focus remains on the rich experiences that events offer rather than the logistics behind them.

Enhanced Event Organization with Tagged Ticketing

The diversity of events on campus mirrors the diverse interests of the college community. To address this, our Tagged Ticketing system offers a solution for categorizing events your way. Whether it’s an academic lecture, a theatre production, or a fundraising event, organizers can now assign specific tags to each event, facilitating easier reporting, tracking and groupings for each constituency that use your platform.

Gateway Integrations for Higher Education

VBO Tickets has expanded its payment gateway integrations specifically for higher education with gateway experts such as, BlueFin, CashNet, TouchNet and more with 10+ gateway options. This development introduces a broader spectrum of payment options, accommodating the preferences and needs of higher education. With these world class partner integrations we can quickly make purchasing tickets as inclusive and convenient as possible, ensuring no one misses out on the vibrant events campus life has to offer.

Building Community with Category Discounts

Campus events can serve as a cornerstone for fostering community spirit and engagement when linked to users. To support this, our Category Discounts feature enables organizers to offer tailored pricing strategies for different community segments, such as students, faculty, and alumni. This approach not only encourages higher participation rates but also reinforces the sense of belonging and appreciation within the community. Whether it’s offering discounted subscriptions for a lecture series to drive higher attendance by specific campus groups, or promoting 2 for 1 student tickets for select basketball games to boost school spirit, these targeted discounts can significantly enhance attendance and engagement.

Keeping Connected with an RSS Feed for Events

In today’s campus environment, staying up to date and informed of upcoming events can be a challenge. To help ensure communities can be informed and engaged, VBO Tickets has developed and integrated our RSS event feed. This feature allows the college or university information technology team to embed feeds into a website or application fed by the VBO event management system. Students, faculty, and staff can subscribe through your website and receive updates on events that interest them directly. Whether it’s a last-minute seminar or a long-anticipated on campus music festival, the RSS feed ensures that the campus community is always just a click away from the latest event news, fostering a more connected and vibrant campus atmosphere.

A Closer Look: Real-World Applications

To illustrate the transformative potential of these features, let’s consider a few examples:

  • Academic Conference: The Sociology Department will host a new academic conference featuring major speakers. Using SSO integration, attendees from within the university can easily register for the event. The department uses Tagged Ticketing to categorize sessions by sub-fields, making it simple for attendees to tailor their schedule track according to their specific interests. With Category Discounts, students and faculty (identified by their SSO) receive special rates automatically, encouraging broader participation.

  • Homecoming Weekend: Homecoming weekend is frequently a major highlight and opportunity to build and maintain community. The Athletic Department leverages Tagged Ticketing to help categorize events throughout the weekend, and an RSS feed ensures alumni receive updates on the festivities, building anticipation and supporting higher attendance. Behind the scenes, the transaction gateway of choice works quickly and efficiently processing online website and offline box office and campus book store purchases.  

Looking Ahead: The Future of Campus Events with VBO Tickets

Here at VBO Tickets we believe in the power of technology coupled with friendly expert service to improve and streamline the campus event experience, making it more accessible, secure, and engaging for everyone involved. The introduction of these new features is another milestone in our commitment to serving the unique needs of colleges and universities. By simplifying event management processes, broadening access, and fostering community engagement, we constantly strive to set the bar higher for excellence in campus event management.

We would love to join you in reimagining the future of campus events. Together, we can create an environment where every event, regardless of its size or purpose, becomes a cornerstone for learning, engagement, and community spirit. For more information on how VBO Tickets can help transform your institution’s event management experience, visit our website or reach out to our dedicated team. We hope we can help you create unforgettable moments and a vibrant campus life for all your audiences.


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