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5 Subscription Types You Should Be Using For Your Events

Over the years, there has been a rise in popularity amongst subscription services. With conveniency, cheaper pricing structures, and instant accessibility, subscriptions have altered traditional ticket buying to benefit both the organization and patron. From this, organizations can see potential growth in profits and an increase in patron loyalty because of their consistent contributions in the company.

There are five types of subscriptions and depending on your industry, each subscription is oriented to serve various needs. Continue reading to learn more about each subscription and which industry they are useful in!

Standard Subscriptions

Standard subscriptions are explicit to a particular date range known as a season. Promoters can apply a standard subscription by event or event date, depending on the route they want to go. Even if a season sells out, events can still be added to the calendar, making this type of subscription flexible. Promoters, if needed, can discount or mark these tickets as free admission. And if patrons choose to continue their subscription service, auto-renewal is available to extend their benefits for as long as they want.

Who uses standard subscriptions?: Performing Arts & Sports

Patron Subscriptions (Online Theatre Subscriptions)

Patron subscriptions are designed for ticket buyers to choose where they want to sit during the length of the season. Unlike theatre subscriptions, patrons select their seats online instead of going to the box office and choosing their seats. Excluding priority seating, this subscription gives patrons the freedom to sit where they want without any restrictions. After a season is paid in full, patrons can receive all of their tickets, and instantly attend events.

Who uses patron subscriptions?: Performing Arts & Sports

Theatre Subscriptions

Theatre subscriptions are tailored to organizations that use assigned seating for their events. Like the patron subscription, ticket buyers can purchase this subscription in advance to guarantee their seats for an entire season. The only difference is that the promoter assigns seats based off a list of preferences patrons provide and their loyalty within the organization.

Who uses theatre subscriptions?: Performing Arts & Sports

Pick A Show Subscriptions

A pick a show subscription gives patrons have the option of choosing which ones they want to attend, but the promoter has the ability to decide which shows and how many a patron has to choose from. Promoters also have the ability to offer a discount depending on the number of shows a patron purchases.

Who uses pick a show subscriptions?: Theatres, Performing Arts, Comedy Clubs, & Museums

Flex Pass Subscriptions

Flex pass subscriptions give patrons access to see a variety of shows either all at once or throughout a valid date range. Promoters have the ability to set which shows patrons can choose from. Even though patrons have the freedom to choose their shows, promoters can restrict certain options from being selected such as events, dates, ticket types and many more.

Who uses flex pass subscriptions?: Theatres, Performing Arts, Comedy Clubs, & Museums


As mentioned, subscriptions are popular due to convenience, cheaper pricing structures, and accessibility. As specialists in the ticketing industry, our goal is to assist you in choosing the best subscription package for your organization. We have seen the effects of subscriptions and how they have and continue to benefit both organizations and their patrons. Whichever industry you are in, we recommend using these subscriptions to increase profits and patron loyalty!

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