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New Timed Ticketing Feature to Support Social Distancing at Events

At VBO Tickets, our development of new features is often client focused. The need for features which aid organizations in providing a safe patron experience during this time of increased caution around a pandemic, has been at the forefront of our efforts.

Today we’ve released a new feature for Timed Ticketing, which allows promoters to limit the purchasing of a time slot to a fixed number of transactions. Essentially, you’re limiting the number of groups that can attend a particular time. This provides patrons with the comfort of visiting your venue during their time slot with fewer people along with them. An ideal feature for families and groups who want to remain safe while at a public venue during a pandemic.

Timed Ticket Transaction Limit

Ticketing built with purpose

The inspiration and motivation for this feature came from one of our clients, the Winchester Mystery House. Located in the heart of San Jose, CA the Winchester Mystery House is a marvelous historic landmark that’s visited by millions of patrons from around the world every year. Like many establishments in America today, they too have had to endure a loss of visitors and ticket buyers, as gatherings and events have been put on hold.

Winchester Mystery House approached us to find out if a feature could be added to our Timed Ticketing functionality that would allow them to limit the number of transactions made online for each time slot. As we thought this was a wonderful idea for improving public safety, not only for the Winchester Mystery House as they plan their re-opening, but for hundreds of other clients who are also re-opening with new rules and regulations for socially distanced public events.

Sell online or in the box office

If you sell online with our white label ticketing plugin, embedded seamlessly on your website, your patrons will have an smooth purchase experience. Unavailable time slots will be displayed but not selectable, so patrons can choose an available time that hasn’t reached the transaction limit yet. When you sell in the box office, our system will show the limits and automatically find the next available time that you can sell.

Re-open safely

As you plan for your venue to re-open, our event ticketing features like Timed Ticket Transaction Limits, will help ease your patrons back into attendance . Ask for a demo today!

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