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Boost Revenue and Patron Engagement with New Cart Abandonment Recovery Tools: A Must-Have for Event Promoters

As an event promoter, your dedication to crafting exceptional shows and experiences is second to none. Yet, in the digital realm, maximizing ticket sales can be a challenge. Our cart abandonment recovery solution is here to bolster your efforts, ensuring a higher attendance rate and increased revenue for your upcoming events.

Cart Abandonment Recovery

Personalization: Tailored Messaging for Improved Engagement

With cart abandonment recovery, we empower you to personalize your communication with patrons. Utilize any custom html email template to create bespoke messages that resonate with your audience, and engage patrons on a deeper level, enticing them back to their abandoned carts and encouraging them to complete their transactions.

Time-Sensitive Offers: Create Urgency and Drive Action

Nothing captivates audiences more effectively than time-sensitive offers. Our cart abandonment recovery system enables you to use your existing or new discount codes to offer limited-time discounts or exclusive deals for those with abandoned carts. This creates a sense of urgency, motivating patrons to act promptly and secure their tickets before it’s too late.

Who Can Benefit from Cart Abandonment Recovery?

Cart abandonment recovery is a game-changer for event promoters of all sizes and domains. Whether you organize concerts, theater performances, sports events, or conferences, our solution is tailor-made to elevate your online ticket sales.

How Cart Abandonment Recovery Benefits Your Patrons

Imagine turning lost opportunities into loyal patrons who keep coming back for more. Cart abandonment recovery identifies those who leave your event page without completing their purchases and provides an avenue to win them back.

Using the contact information collected through our software, craft personalized messages that nudge patrons to revisit their carts and finalize their transactions. With easy access to their previous selections and a seamless checkout process, your patrons will appreciate the convenience, leading to improved customer satisfaction. For those patrons whose carts have expired or emptied, our strategic emails or texts redirect them to your event page, effectively encouraging further exploration and purchases.

Cart Abandonment Feature Settings VBO Tickets
Cart Abandonment Recovery Settings

Tracking and analytics for abandoned carts

Stay informed and in control with our intuitive cart abandonment recovery reporting. Gain valuable insights into abandoned carts and the effectiveness of your recovery campaigns. Promoters can access a dashboard with live data for in cart activity and a historic record of abandoned carts. View statistics showing how many carts are abandoned and how many of those are recovered after your automatic email has been received.

Discover the Power of VBO Tickets

Elevate your patron engagement and revenue with VBO Tickets’ cart abandonment recovery feature. Witness firsthand how our solution seamlessly integrates with your existing systems, enhancing the overall ticketing experience.


As an event promoter, your focus should be on curating unforgettable experiences, not fretting over lost ticket sales. Embrace the potential of cart abandonment recovery, and watch as your patron engagement soars and revenue reaches new heights. With personalized communication and compelling time-sensitive offers, VBO Tickets ensures that your patrons return to their carts and complete their transactions, filling your seats and fueling your success. Embrace the power of VBO Tickets today and unlock the full potential of your events.

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