Timed Ticketing

Unique entry times, better box office flow.

Timed ticketing allows business managers to organize tickets into conditional categories, designated by specific windows of entry. This feature is integral in helping better regulate the flow of patrons through any venue – reducing long lines and overcrowding – which improves customer experience while increasing the ability to track admissions.

  • VBO Plugin
  • VBO Back timed ticketing

Core functionality

Offer an intuitive way for you to manage entry times to an event, and your patrons to easily select available times when buying a ticket.

Events within events

Sell a general entry ticket with selectable time-frame within which patrons can attend a special exhibit or tour.

Time-Slot Availability

Time slot management gives you the ability to view, track, and edit ticket availability in real-time from a time blocked interface.

Sell with GA tickets

Timed tickets can be priced and sold separately from general admission tickets, or along side your GA tickets to increase buying options.

Improved Patron Management

Conditional scheduling
Prevent customers from purchasing tickets to events that overlap in duration.
Check-in manager
The customizable Check-In Manager tool allows staff to view guest lists for each time-slot, personalizing the admission process for customers, while avoiding hang-ups caused by misplaced or damaged tickets.
Point-of-sale kiosk
Timed ticketing functionality is supported by VBO Tickets' portable Ticket Kiosk, which alleviates box office congestion by offering a simple, self-service option for patrons.
Sold-out time slots
Time frames are made unavailable to ticket-buyers if already sold, preventing accidental over-selling.
Event schedule templates
Managers can set up event schedules in advance using templates which can be formatted for recurring or ongoing events, duplicated as-needed, and even set on auto-repeat status.
Precise patron tracking
Though both general admission and timed entry can be accounted for by a single physical ticket, data can be generated for each admission – helping improve tracking and management of patronage throughout the venue.
How it works

Fulfilling event needs

VBO Tickets’ timed ticketing feature gives business managers the freedom to designate variable admission time slots - free from a fixed schedule – which allows for multi-layered ticketing functions with conditional logic, and improved tracking of event attendance. This tool is popular among clients who operate venues with timed ticket entry, as it increases control over the flow of patrons while optimizing the box office’s ability to sell tickets.

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