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5 Ticketing Needs For Small Theatres

What features do you think small theatres look for in a theatre ticketing software? After 8 years of working with small to medium-sized theatres, we’ve come to understand 5 common needs any small theatre should have met by their ticketing software.


Is ticketing software for small theatres expensive? If you run a small theatre, you understand the importance of keeping business costs low, while finding the best theatre ticketing software for your needs. Since there are hundreds of different ticketing solutions on the market, going with one that offers a pricing structure that works for you is ideal. Here are three common pricing models you’ll encounter while exploring popular ticketing software and why you may want to consider each one.

  • Free For Free Events

Theatres focusing more on much smaller events without any cost to their patrons will likely find all they need in a platform without fees on free events. This free model often means you won’t have functionality that a more robust paid platform offers.

  • Flat Monthly Fee

If a recurring monthly cost is more suitable for your budget, then a ticketing solution with options for a flat monthly cost could be right for you. Be aware, this might mean one monthly plan excludes features that another plan may cost more to have.

  • Ticket Based Fees

The most common pricing structure for event ticketing solutions is based on a percentage of the ticket price or flat fee per ticket. This offers the most flexibility, as the cost to you will fluctuate based on how much you sell. This is fair to both your organization and the ticketing software company.

Note: Any of these pricing models could potentially have a set-up fee.

Promotion Through FB

Many small theatres take advantage of Facebook to promote events. But what if you can sell tickets to your event directly from your Facebook page? This may seem unusual, but some ticketing platforms offer a simple integration to do just that. If your patrons are already following and engaging with you on Facebook, then selling tickets while they’ve already interacted with your page makes a lot of sense.

General Admission Seating

The most common and simplistic form of seating is general admission. You probably sell GA tickets to your events if you’re a small theatre. GA Tickets are not just your typical “sit anywhere ticket”, these tickets can have different categories and price points to define groups of people. When comparing event ticket solutions, keep an eye out for extended general admission functionality.

Flexible Seating Maps

Smaller venues still need a great quality seating map. A properly designed seating map represents your venue and seating arrangement accurately and provides customers with an easy to use seat selection interface. Finding a ticketing platform that offers the correct tools for building seat maps true to your venue and the ability to easily lay down seats in any orientation will greatly benefit you.

Standard Subscriptions

Every small theatre needs some form of standard subscription to offer its patrons. Think of this as incentivizing your patrons to see a group of shows during a season by saving on the total cost of tickets and getting potential perks such as a free ticket to select shows. Not all ticketing systems will provide subscriptions, let alone a large array of subscription types and options. Find a solution with the subscription features you require, that way you can boost your patron attendance and revenue.

Bonus: Accept Donations

If you’re a non-profit theatre, accepting donations online is a wonderful way to increase your income. Imagine being able to ask for a donation during your patron’s ticket buying process. You may even create a campaign for specific fundraising initiatives. Finding an event ticketing solution that offers donation features such as, set price points, patron entered values, and donor levels are key to your non-profit’s success.


Now that you are more familiar with the common needs of small theatres. VBO Tickets has these features and many more for your small theatre business! If you are a small theatre manager who is looking for a new event ticketing solution, click here to see a demo!

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