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Theatres love our flexible subscriptions and patron management features to optimize their theatre and other performing arts event ticket sales.

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Theatre Ticketing

  • Offer a season's worth of applause.

    Your next theatrical season is sure to succeed when you take advantage of theatre ticket sale subscriptions! Choose shows to group together for your package, provide discounts for multiple show purchases, and offer subscribers preferred seating so they get the same assigned seat for each show.

    Need to go beyond your regular season passes? Try our season packages or any of our five other subscription types, such as flex passes. Subscriptions are a great way to make your theatre manageable and your event more exciting for your patrons.

  • Give your patrons the best seats in the house.

    The best seats in the house will be easy to find when you build your seat map with our software. After uploading a background image of your layout and laying down seats on top of the image, label sections, rows, and seats so each spot is clearly visible to your patrons.

    Our system will also keep track of when seats are available or unavailable in real time so your customers can know exactly which seats they can purchase. Customers will have the confidence to find their reserved seats for any of your fantastic shows.

  • Grow your theatre's community with each performance.

    Our CRM profiles provide a means for clear communication and are great ways to get to know your patrons. Use profiles to see all important information, such as contact details, family and relationships, transaction histories, and ticket and merchandise sales, to better understand your patron's buying habits.

    Along with exciting features like automatic thank-you notes and reminder emails, you'll get to know your patrons and be able to reach out to your most loyal customers all at once.

  • Empower your patrons to support your organization.

    Donation campaigns offer the chance for patrons to give back on your website or during the online ticket-buying process. With several features, such as recurring donations, employer matching, and anonymous donors, you can make the most of your donation and fundraising campaigns while offering your customers multiple ways to donate.

    Your theatre works hard: run donation and fundraising campaigns, so patrons can show how much they appreciate you! Our system will also send automatic thank-you letters to donors to remind them how much you appreciate their support.

  • Help patrons find their seats with confidence.

    Our theatre ticketing software's preferred seating technology is ready to assist you with your seating needs. When your patron buys a season ticket, the ticket purchase software will remember their preferred seat and assign it for each show of the season.

    If your theatre season repeats next year, the preferred seat will still be saved for returning customers so they always get their favorite spot, no matter the show.

  • Meet your theatre's needs, on or off stage.

    No need to work with several different softwares and companies: achieve your best season yet all within our all-in-one ticketing software. Take advantage of features that will make your theatre accessible and stress-free, such as subscription packages or assigned seating, and get to know patrons with CRM profiles or donation campaigns.

    No matter what type of theatre you manage, we're ready to boost your success and watch you accomplish the season of a lifetime. You can also offer secure customer data management and allow customers a tokenized, secure connection to your payment gateway, which allows for recurring payments without worrying about a breach in customer data.

    Whether you need to sell tickets to theater, dance, opera, symphony, music festivals, or other performing arts events, VBO Tickets can help you with ticket sales using our Performance Arts and Theatre Ticketing Software solution. Expand your reach, create and foster meaningful engagement, and build relationships with your patrons using our ticket sales software solution.

Donny Gilliand
The personal touch offered by VBO Tickets is a game changer for San Francisco Playhouse - serving every need with a level of commitment and attention that goes above and beyond.
Donny Gilliland - Marketing Director, San Francisco Playhouse
San Francisco Playhouse

San Francisco Playhouse

What would you do with a totally brandable ticketing experience directly on your website?

See how San Francisco Playhouse is using VBO Tickets' events plugin. Below are their real events within VBO Tickets plugin, styled to match their branding. Go ahead, click around and see how it works!

Axiom Repertory Theatre

Axiom Theatre

Brandable event plugins on your website or on a unique VBO Tickets url.

See how Axiom Theatre is using VBO Tickets' events plugin.

Below is their real events plugin within, styled to match their colors. Go ahead, click around and see how it works!

Hammer Theatre San Jose State

Hammer Theatre

Hammer Theatre events, Hammer Theatre branding branding.

See how San Jose State's Hammer Theatre Center is using VBO Tickets' events plugin directly on their site.

Below is a real events plugin for Hammer Theatre, styled to match their branding and colors. Go ahead, click around and see how it works!

SF Playhouse Avatar

An Interview

Our long-time client, San Francisco Playhouse, stages nine plays yearly including Broadway plays, musicals, and world and regional premieres.

Speak Easy Avatar

A Case Study

Visit San Francisco during prohibition in an immersive theatrical experience! We examine the unique challenges that were solved by VBO Tickets.

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Theatre Subscriptions

Offer a season's worth of applause

Our team at VBO Tickets can make all your shows a smashing success with our season subscription package! Simply build your package with performance dates, categories, and prices. These special features can help increase your season ticket sales. Season subscriptions also offer assigned seating for patrons looking to secure the best spots.

Adding a preferred seating option will guarantee avid theatre-goers access to the same seats all season long. No matter how you want to group together your performances, we make it easy and manageable with our theatre subscription feature.

  • Simple subscription setup
  • Full control over subscribers
  • Total control over dates, times, prices, and seating
  • Multiple options for reserved seating

Flexible tools for
reserved seating venues

Tools for reserved seating venues

Give your patrons the best seats in the house

Every performing arts facility has a different layout, so why use ticketing software that doesn't work with yours? With our advanced seat map technology, building a map for reserved seating is clear and simple. Just upload a background image of your theatre and easily drag seats over the image to create a custom map.

After labeling your sections and rows, your patrons will have an easy time finding their assigned seats before the show! Our theatre ticketing software gives you the confidence and control to customize seating arrangements in your own unique space.

  • Easily create a custom seat map
  • Label seats for reserved seating
  • Create curved rows
  • Add mini maps to navigate large venues
  • Lay down seat sections in bulk

Seat Map Building Tools

Seat Map Builder

Create a custom venue seat map for your theatre with unique sections, row shapes, and curves to fit your needs!

Our SeatSocket technology allows your customers to see real-time seat activity. It shows when seats become unavailable or available again on the seat map. You can manage an unlimited number of ticket prices for reserved seating at live events.

Organize, color code, and reuse prices for any event using easily programmable seat maps and price groups. Your event organizers will love how simple the seating charts are to build and customize.

patron communications

CRM & patron communications

Creating families through your best performances

Getting to know patrons transforms your theatre into a community, not just a business. Our CRM profiles collect everything you need to know about your patrons, including contact information, donor activity, transactions, and past purchases, conveniently on one page.

Using CRM can also help you establish better connections with your customers with automatic thank-you notes, reminders, or e-tickets. These extra touches can help your patrons feel more like family than simply customers.

Taking advantage of all the benefits of CRM profiles is vital to keep patrons coming back for more exciting performances at your theatre.

  • Access all patron information on one page
  • Manage contact information, transactions, donor activity, and more
  • Send automatic emails or add people to your mailing list

CRM Patron Profile

CRM patron profile

Our CRM creates customer profiles complete with basic info such as phone number, email address, photo, order history, VIP rating, email history, and more.

The platform also allows your team to add any notes about your customers directly on their profile in the CRM to ensure you provide the best quality customer support.

Customers will also love how easy it is to manage and renew subscriptions. You can set up the platform to manually renew your customer's subscriptions and memberships at the click of a button or opt to send out bulk emails with renewal details. Either way, renewing season tickets will be simple for patrons and likely increase the conversion rate for subscriptions.

Theatre Ticketing Software

All-in-one theatre ticketing software

Meeting your theatre's needs, on or off stage

Don't just sell tickets: be a part of something bigger by creating a community with your patrons.

Take advantage of our software's dynamic service features, including season subscription packages, advanced seating technology tools, donation campaigns, and CRM profiles.

Our software tools can also help you with reporting, payments, and other marketing activities, so you can focus less on business and more on producing the magic of show business.

Running a theatre involves so much more than just ticket sales — let us sell tickets and merchandise, manage reserved seating, and do financial reports, so you can run the show.

Trust that our team can help you behind the scenes while you wow your audiences with your performance on stage.

  • Offer season subscriptions with preferred seating
  • Create custom seat maps to fit your venue's layout
  • Label your own sections, rows and seats
  • Run donation campaigns
  • Create multiple event types
  • Run reports to understand your finances
  • Integrate with QuickBooks
  • Offer payment gateways like PayPal
  • See all customer information on CRM profiles

Donation &
gift campaigns

Donation & gift campaigns

Let your patrons help build your platform

Give patrons the opportunity to give back to your theatre or venue! Donation and gift campaigns offer customers the chance to financially support your venue, and our software makes advertising and fundraising campaigns easy.

Want to make sure each customer sees the donation option? Try adding a popup window at checkout to promote and encourage monthly, quarterly, or yearly donations.

Your patrons have other options, too: allow them to remain anonymous or give employers and organizations the ability to match their employees' donations.

Encourage multiple donations with an easy recurring donation setup. You can also set goals with a progress bar to allow patrons to see exactly how much their contributions help your theatre reach its goals.

You work hard to maintain your theatre: let us help you build donation campaigns so your most generous donors can support your fundraising efforts.

  • Show donation options at checkout
  • Set up recurring donations
  • Take advantage of employer matching
  • Add a progress bar to see how much you've raised
  • Give special donor perks

Assigned seating

Assigned seating technology at your performing arts theatre

The best view, no matter the seat

Make the most of your seating charts and pricing by offering clearly labeled areas for patrons. After creating your seat map, you can label sections, rows, and individual seats to easily guide patrons to their designated spots. Once you have set apart different seating sections, you can choose the correct pricing for each section and ensure fair prices.

If your theatre patrons prefer to watch a show with safety precautions such as social distancing, you can easily set these parameters on a custom seat map and ensure patrons know they will be safely distanced from another party.

Offering season passes as a subscription package? With preferred seating, patrons can keep their favorite seats all season long. Your customers will never worry about getting their favorite seat each time: our ticketing software automatically remembers preferred seats.

The features you need to successfully seat your guests are all at your fingertips with the help of our theater ticketing software, which was built just for you.

  • Create a custom seat map with labeled seats
  • Offer preferred seating to subscribers
  • Socially distance your seats
  • Price seats according to section


  • Can the ticket software handle different types of performances, such as online events?

    Yes, VBO Tickets offers ticketing solutions for any event your performing arts center promotes, including online live events. Our software can provide all the necessary information to your customers for a live-streamed or pre-recorded online event.

    Our ticketing system can be used for in-person or virtual theater, dance, opera, symphony, music festivals, or other performing arts events.

  • What features does the ticket software offer?
    • Marketing reports
    • Financial reports
    • CRM complete with customer profiles
    • Mobile-friendly design
    • Easily integrate with your existing website
    • Customizable to match your performing arts center branding
    • Pre-sale and general admission ticket sales management
    • Customizable seat map builder
  • Can customers print their tickets at home, or do they need to pick them up at the theatre?

    Customers can choose how they want to access their tickets, whether that is by printing them off, picking them up at the theatre, using online e-tickets or mobile tickets, and adding them to their mobie wallets.

    We provide a secure online payment system for faster transactions and an optimized event management app that allows you to scan physical or online e-tickets from your guests, creating a simple, streamlined ticket sales process.

  • What payment methods does your performing arts event tickets platform support?

    To ensure that the highest number of guests can attend events at your performing arts center, our Performing Arts Theatre Ticketing Software performs payments across various channels, including:

    • Credit cards
    • Debit cards
    • PayPal
    • Cash
    • Check
    • Apple Pay / Google Pay
    • Account Credit
    • Gift Cards

    In addition to selling tickets, our ticketing solution offers convenient online payment gateways to ensure seamless and effortless sales transactions. Furthermore, our integrated CRM system allows you to compile all sales data into customer profiles and generate comprehensive reports.

    Whether your guests are purchasing tickets online or in person, VBO Tickets guarantees a hassle-free transaction experience. Our aim is to ensure that you receive your revenue smoothly while your customers enjoy their favorite shows and concerts.

  • How secure is the ticketing software? Can I trust it with my customers' payment information?

    We connect with secure 3rd party gateways, such as Stripe and Authorize.Net to provide easy online ticket payment methods for patrons while assuring direct deposits for you! You can manage customer credit and profiles with a tokenized, secure connection to your payment gateway for recurring payments.

    The connection to your gateway is fully PCI Compliant and no customer bank account or credit card information will be at risk, thanks to a tokenized, secure connection to your payment gateway.

    Manage and use customer credit in the box office with our software's ability to process credit cards on-site with chip & pin devices.

  • Is there a training or onboarding process for using the ticketing software?

    During our initial implementation phase, our main focus will be ensuring that you become familiar with the VBO Ticketing software to suit your specific preferences and needs. We will strive to make sure the software functions precisely as you desire, and our account managers will be available for any further support you may need in the future.

    Additionally, we offer a knowledge base that houses a vast collection of articles dedicated to providing you with tips and tricks whenever you encounter any technical issues with our system. This comprehensive knowledge base covers various topics, including getting started with our ticketing software, utilizing CRM features, exploring marketing functionalities, and much more.

    To learn more about how VBO Tickets can revolutionize your ticketing system, we invite you to schedule a free demonstration with us today.

VBO Tickets is a white-label performance arts and theatre event ticketing software. Your customers can experience easy transactions that take place on your website. Our software-embedded plugin is fully brandable and integrates seamlessly onto your event pages. This will keep patrons on your event site throughout their entire buying process.