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Bay Area theatre presenting broadway and beyond uses VBO Tickets

Donny Gilliand

"The personal touch offered by VBO Tickets - when it comes to customers support - was a game changer for SF Playhouse. Every time there's an issue, the team at VBO is immediately responsive – serving every need with a level of commitment and attention that goes above and beyond the average level of service provided by other ticketing and patron management companies."

An Interview With

San Francisco Playhouse

We sat down with Donny at SF Playhouse to ask about their experience with VBO Tickets after over five years of partnership. Here's what he had to say:

What were some of the challenges SF Playhouse was facing prior to partnering with VBO Tickets?

We were not thrilled with the level of customer service offered by the previous platform we worked with. There was no personal touch – when we had a problem, we would submit a general service request and just hope it would be addressed at some point. Our previous ticketing provider also didn't offer white label technology, so patrons were constantly being directed away from our page to another website and we would just have to hope that their transaction was completed and well-supported in the process.

What did you learn during the process of your search?

Most ticketing platforms do something well, but very few do everything well. It's not hard to find a solution that has a great UI but a CRM that's lacking, or great accounting tools but poor donation management. As a growing performing arts venue, we needed and all-in-one platform at competitive pricing – that was hard to come by.

How has working with VBO Tickets changed the way SF Playhouse does business?

VBO has allowed us to completely revamp the way we sell tickets, both online and at the box office. The white label plugins greatly improved customer experience- making it much more streamlined, which has led to an increase in our online ticket sales, as well as a great deal of positive feedback from our patrons. This customized ticket purchasing experience also helped strengthen the overall perception of our brand. Since our box office runs on the same integrated system, it's easy to manage inventory and seating from anywhere—not just from a dedicated terminal, and due to the automatization of customer records, our box office staff have been equipped to provide an elevated level of customer service.

Why would you recommend VBO Tickets to another performing arts venue?

VBO's customer service is top-notch. Shopping for a new platform was an extremely daunting undertaking for SF Playhouse – we assumed that moving our information and processes to a new system would likely amount to an entire job in itself. VBO Tickets' team make the transition as painless as possible – and we haven't looked back since.

What about our product, service, or company stood out to you among the competition?

VBO Tickets' subscription tools definitely have helped us grow our business. The variety and functionality of subscriptions features allows us to build a basis of support each season which gives us the ability to produce shows. Also, the automated communications tools included in the platform have provided us with a means of engaging seamlessly and efficiently with patrons, which improves their satisfaction with our level of customer service and increases the capacity of box office.

How has your partnership with VBO Tickets evolved over the past 5 years?

It's been great to grow together with a company that shares our values and vision. Within one year of partnership, SF Playhouse had moved into a new venue with 3 times the capacity of our former site. VBO Tickets worked closely with us to adapt tools and features to support our growth and the team continues to be a great ally for problem solving and development of solutions to our ever-evolving needs. With our former ticketing company, we felt like just another number – but VBO has given us a level of support and communication that makes us feel like we're a valuable partner that they're committed to for years to-come.

Thanks Donny!