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Capterra VBO Tickets Reviews
Michael Taffe Quotations 5 stars
The VBO Tickets team took the time to understand our needs and set up the system with the flexibility we required. When we ran into questions, the support team was quick to respond, even during event day.
Amanda Scott - Director of Sales, Lone Star Park at Grand Prairie
Loni Boyd Quotations 5 stars
VBO Tickets stood out from the rest because of the flexibility of the system, and the ability for customization in so many facets of the software, from seat maps to discounts to graphics.
Loni Boyd - General Manager of Fine Arts, Wisconsin Lutheran College
Kyle Jaebker Quotations 5 stars
From the very beginning VBO Tickets has stepped up with creative solutions and integrations to help Newfields improve our patrons ticket-buying experience.
Kyle Jaebker - Director, Newfields
Sheryl Lynn Thomas Quotations 5 stars
VBO Tickets' software can do everything I want for ticketing, registration, donations, and memberships. It's an amazing addition to the online experience for our customers.
Sheryl Lynn - Digital Marketing Manager, California Jazz Conservatory

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More than selling tickets

Take advantage of a system that's powerful features let you combine event ticketing, merchandise sales, multiple subscription types, memberships, and donations with every transaction. Easily sell directly from your website or on location with our mobile app.

"With easy-to-use features, and comprehensive tools, VBO Tickets has given us the ability to serve more people, better."
Brad Hahn Brad Hahn
Explore Buffalo
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Communication is key

With a fully integrated CRM and marketing communication tools, maintain relationships with your patrons before, during, and after events. Gather useful information to build a personalized community with your patrons; providing support and offering benefits you know they'll love.

"The personal touch offered by VBO Tickets - when it comes to customers support - was a game changer for SF Playhouse."
Donny Gilliand Donny Gilliland
San Francisco Playhouse
Build your community graphic

Decide with data

Make calculated decisions and provide accurate accounting data based on events, any transaction, or patron behavior. Utilize our advanced reporting engine with several premade reports, or build custom reports from hundreds of parameters, to be saved and used again.

"Switching to VBO not only helped us increase ticket sales but it gave us tools to better report and track sales as well."
Jessica Segal Jessica Segal
North Central College
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Donation Campaigns

Our ticketing system supports nonprofit organizations by providing them with donation campaigns, created to further the relationship between company and patron. Donation campaigns are stocked full with options, and offer many different ways to encourage customer use. Try using a popup window at checkout, website widgets, or plugins that allow your customers to donate in various different ways. Also make sure your donations keep flowing in by allowing monthly, quarterly, or yearly recurrences. Want to give your patrons more choices when it comes to how they donate? Offer anonymous donations or encourage employers to match their employee's donation. No matter how you decide to collect your donations, VBO Tickets has the resources to help you.

  • Customizable donor perks
  • Use popups, widgets, or plugins
  • Enable options like employer matching
  • Set minimum or recommended donation amounts
  • Create progress bars to show how far you are from your goal

Mobile Event Manager

In the age of smartphones, we believe that technology is an essential part of boosting sales. VBO Tickets' mobile app was especially designed to bring ease to your selling process. When you download the Mobile Event Manager app, get access to all the perks that help your patrons skip lines and get checked in faster. Rather than using your main computer system, use a mobile device to scan tickets or access patron information. Also see your basic event statistics so you're always on top of your sales. No matter how you choose to handle ticket scanning, our app lets you take multiple types of payment with the touch of a finger to keep your lines short and your patrons happy.

  • Quickly scan tickets
  • Check event statistics
  • Take payments
  • Avoid long lines at the box office

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Keep your patrons coming back again and again! VBO Tickets offers seven different types of subscriptions so you can provide multiple different packages to your customers. Popular packages include the theatre subscription package, which assigns seats to customers for multiple different performances, or our membership option, which grants patrons one month, three months, six months, or a year to visit your organization again and again. Take advantage of all the perks our subscriptions offer: add additional discounts for subscribed patrons or offer preferred seating when they sign up. Your patrons will love only having one transaction for many different visits!

  • Choose the package that’s right for you
  • Offer perks such as preferred seating, discounts, or early event access
  • Process only one transaction for multiple patron visits

Payment Options

VBO Tickets wants to help you prioritize giving choices to your patrons. Our different payment options and gateways allow you to control your payouts while also offering options to your customers. Our team has made sure our software is compatible with many other systems, including, Stripe, PayPal, Bluefin, and more to make sure your payments are directly deposited into your bank. Even if you don't use other payment gateways, VBO Tickets offers traditional transactions for your box office such as cash, check, and card, which are accessible on our mobile app. With the multitudes of payment options offered by our team, we're confident that your patrons will never stress over how they will pay for your events.

  • Compatible with many different payment gateways
  • Transactions deposit directly to your bank account
  • Use traditional box office payment methods
  • Take payments on our mobile app

CRM Profiles

All condensed into one profile, learn everything you need to know about a customer at the click of a button. Our CRM profiles offer a collection of your patrons' most important information, all visible on one easily accessible page. The profiles include an extensive view of your patrons' buying histories, contact information, donor activity, records of payments, and more. Link certain accounts to one another, input addresses and phone numbers, sign customers up for mailing lists, and check previous transactions to confirm times or dates. With our CRM profiles, patrons will never feel like strangers; you'll be able to see how they fit into your community on a singular page.

  • Access all patron information on one page
  • See contact information, transaction history, donor activity, and more
  • Link patrons accounts together
  • Add people to your mailing list

What does a patron profile look like in the CRM?

CRM patron profile

Promotions & Social Sharing

Word of mouth between your customers can be a powerful marketing tool, so VBO Tickets created social sharing specifically to spread the word about your events! With social sharing, your patrons can share your events on social media to encourage further online discussion and interaction.

Want to continue suggesting events for your patrons to discuss? Promote your shows or attractions by showing them during an online checkout, leading customers to return to your organization again and again. Promotions aren't where our team stopped: we also wanted to take your marketing a step further by giving you the opportunity to offer a one-time discount if patrons commit to adding an additional show at checkout. Customer action is important, so our extensive marketing features were built with your patrons' experience in mind.

  • Enable social sharing
  • Give discount codes to social media users
  • Promote your events at checkout
  • Give one-time perks and discounts

Marketing tools

Building trust is important to any patron/business relationship, whether your customers are new or returning. Offer highlights such as auto messages to show that you're focused on communication and positive customer service. Provide reminders to your patrons about the events they're attending or send updates about changes. Most importantly, our team knows a relationship doesn't end after an event is finished. To continue expressing your thanks, utilize our automatic thank you messages to show your appreciation. With these marketing features in your pocket, VBO Tickets doesn't only help you generate revenue from new patrons: we also do everything we can to build and maintain healthy relationships between all companies and their customers.

  • Send reminder emails for your events
  • Use automatic thank you emails for patrons or donors
  • Send survey reminders
  • Maintain clear communication with your customers
  • Add tracking codes to connect your event stats to Google Analytics

Every marketing tool for each event in a single click

Event Marketing Options

Quickbooks Integration

VBO Tickets' integration with QuickBooks was specifically created to help you keep all your event finances organized. Connect directly to your QuickBooks account and use the product and service fields to track all your sales and deposits, easily distinguishing between sales you have or haven't deposited yet. No more worrying about missing deposits: VBO Tickets' general ledger tracking system saves you from ever stressing about organizing your accounting. General ledger numbers are always displayed on our software in the reporting suite, so your accountants can collect information quickly. With VBO Tickets, tracking your sales doesn't have to be a hassle: it can be as easy as a few computer clicks.

  • Connect your QuickBooks account to track sales and deposits
  • All reporting is easily accessible in our reporting suite
  • Track numbers in the general ledger

Report types and users

To help you manage all your reports, VBO Tickets has pre-built numerous report templates that allow you to analyze all your ticket sales. See how tickets were paid for, attendance numbers, responses to registrations, subscriber numbers, donation levels, and more with our custom sales reports and patron reports. Transaction information is easily accessed, giving your team more insight into how your patrons interact with your organization. To get closer with your customers, our pre-built patron reports zero in on customer activity to show you which performances are attended, how much money is spent, donor activity, and how transactions are made and processed. All of VBO Tickets' report types were specially designed by our team to keep you focused on your finances, so you're never lost when it comes to accounting.

  • Choose from multiple sales or patron report templates
  • Watch attendance numbers, registrations, subscriptions, and more
  • Utilize our reporting suite to easily understand your reports
  • Closely understand your customers by using patron reports

Custom report options

If our pre-built report templates don’t seem right for you, don't worry. Create your own report templates with our custom report feature, designed to give you control over your bookkeeping. Choose which sales information is the most important to you, and our ticketing software will populate it within a custom report that is easy to access from the reporting suite. By allowing you to build your own custom templates, VBO Tickets doesn't box you into one way of doing things. We allow you to run your organization the way you want, and are there to provide you with all the reporting tools you need to successfully keep track of your patrons and accounting.

  • Create your own report types for sales or patrons
  • Access your reports from the reporting suite
  • Build templates to fit your accounting needs