St. Norbert College

How one of Wisconsin's oldest colleges, founded in 1898, is using VBO Tickets

Paul Mashl

"I've worked with several ticketing companies and VBO Tickets offers superior quality and service, and their support team is one of the best in the business."

Paul Mashl - Director of visual and performing arts,
An interview with

St. Norbert College

We sat down with Paul at St. Norbert College to ask about their experience with VBO Tickets after having been with us for many years. Here's what he had to say.

What about our product, service, or company stood out to you among the competition?

VBO Tickets has several powerful features available. We needed something that had strong registration, ticketing, and reporting components while being up to date on all PCI requirements. The event manager option would give peace of mind to promoters who rent out our facility by providing real-time information at their fingertips.

What challenge did your campus struggle with before using VBO? How did VBO Tickets help with this challenge?

Many campuses have strict PCI Compliance requirements and St. Norbert College is no different. We ultimately began our search for a new solution to maintain our PCI Compliance and data security. Our previous software was server-based and moving to a cloud-based solution allowed us to ensure all security requirements were met and remove the liability of having a physical server on-site.

Did anything exceed your expectations about our product, service, or company?

I’ve worked with several ticketing companies and VBO Tickets offers superior quality and service. Their support team is one of the best in the business. It’s also exciting to consistently see new updates to the system. VBO is constantly working to have the most up-to-date features where many other softwares remain static.

How has working with us changed the way your company does business?

Working with VBO has allowed us to expand our box office operations to benefit other departments on campus. We’re able to provide a central location for administering ticketing and registration opportunities for events on campus.

How has your partnership with VBO Tickets evolved over the past 5 years

VBO TIckets is not only a great service provider but a phenomenal business partner. We’ve been able to work closely with their team to implement and test new features that benefit colleges and universities. They are always listening to their customers and open to hearing new ideas for improvements to the system.

Why would you recommend us to someone else?

Overall, VBO is modern, dynamic, responsive, full-featured, and guarantees PCI compliance. They offer many features that campuses need to run their events with the added benefit of real-time data and reporting. Watching the system evolve over the years with so many new and improved features has been incredibly impressive.