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  • Auto event scheduling

    Setup repeating events at any time with start and end dates.

  • Workshops / Registrations

    Conditional registration forms for any type of event or workshop you want to sell.

  • Mobile box office

    Process credit cards and cash anywhere with our box office app.

  • Rewards and loyalty programs

    Offer incentives for your returning customers with customizable programs.

  • CRM & customer management

    Manage your customer records and communication with ease.

Comedy Phone
Jeff Comedy Sportz

"VBO has allowed us to seamlessly sell our comedy events and classes on our website without any complicated integration. And their hands on support is always there if we need it. You guys rock!"

A case study

Comedy Sportz San Jose

Comedy Sportz is a national group of independent clubs and theatres that present impromptu comedy in the form of a teamsport and teach the requisite skills of improv performance. A ComedySportz match features two teams of comedians competing for laughs and points, with a referee keeping things moving and calling fouls. An average of 7- 12 games are played during a bout, and are drawn from a repertoire of over a hundred improv games.


ComedySportz groups meet annually to review best business practices, branding and strategy. With ComedySportz San Jose as an early adopter of Virtual Box Office Tickets, the branch invited VBO to present its services at the annual meeting. As a national organization, ComedySportz wanted a solution that provided a personalized and integrated solution with its own branding. In addition, ComedySportz needed specific services that they provide its guests that require customer support from a ticketing solution.


Having previously worked with ComedySportz San Jose, VBO Tickets developed tools that met ComedySportz’s specific requirements. This included the ability to sell merchandise from its own website and during an online ticket purchase, as well as support of loyal fan cards, gift cards and tickets from its box office, website and Facebook properties.


VBO Tickets worked one-on-one with each ComedySportz location to understand its unique and common requirements and was able to implement the new standard at over 15 locations nationwide. This has given ComedySportz further alignment of reaching its branding goals and support of patrons nationally with an organizational-wide look and feel. ComedySportz sells tickets online, over the phone and at its theaters daily with VBO Tickets.

Comedy Sportz at ebay
Courtesy of Comedy Sportz San Jose.

VBO Tickets developed tools that met ComedySportz’s specific requirements.

Comedy Sportz heros
Courtesy of Comedy Sportz San Jose.
Comedy Sportz screen