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Festival ticketing software

Festival organizers love our single step checkout, gate specific scanning, and multi-pass tickets.

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Festival Ticketing Software

Festivals are always exciting when thousands of event goers are eagerly waiting to see their favorite musical performance in action. Our ticketing solution has provided event managers with the functionality to ensure that festival goers have the Time of their life.

  • Unable to speed up long lines?

    Trying to expedite long lines without a fully functioning box office can turn into a problematic situation. Extensive wait times can negatively alter the patrons experience in a matter of minutes.

  • Our mobile scanning shortens any line.

    Keep your lines moving swiftly with our mobile scanning capabilities. Scan patron's printed or mobile tickets with the VBO Mobile app to ensure a quicker event going process.

  • Can't sell merchandise with tickets?

    If promoter’s are unable to sell merchandise online with their tickets, they are missing out on additional opportunities to upsell items or offer essential options such as parking passes to improve a festival goer’s experience.

  • Sell merchandise to any event.

    Our system lets event managers sell merchandise during the ticket buying process online. This allows opportunities for event specific merchandise or even global merchandise on a separate page.

  • Unable to sell multiple event days at once?

    It’s likely that events goers want to enjoy multiple days at a festival, but shopping for tickets to each day can be tricky when all buying options are not presented on the same screen.

  • Utilize our single step checkout option.

    Display all event dates and tickets types on a single screen making it convenient for festival goers to easily pick and choose which days, tickets, or packages they want to purchase.

Tyrone Robertson
VBO Tickets is a valuable business partner and the team there is highly-responsive, flexible, and innovative. They're always willing to take on new challenges with us and have been a big part of our growth and success over the past decade.
Tyrone Robertson - Director, CaribTix
Mount Hope Estate
Mount Hope Estate

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Semo District Fair
Semo District Fair

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Indy Fringe Festival
Indy Fringe

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CaribTix Avatar

An Interview

We speak with CaribTix after several years of our services, and how VBO Tickets has changed the way they sell concerts and festival events.

San Jose Jazz

A Case Study

Since 1986 San Jose Jazz has celebrated jazz and other emerging genres through it's Summer Fest, Winter Fest, and educational programs. We discuss how VBO Tickets solved their needs for an integrated ticketing system.

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Single Step

Single Step Checkout

One page, one checkout, one new patron

Your festival is likely several days long, so don't let a ticketing system complicate your sales. With our single step checkout, patrons won't have to navigate through pages and tabs to buy tickets for multiple events. Instead, patrons can purchase from one page that lists multi-day tickets and their events all at once. Patrons can focus on loading their carts with as many tickets they want with our single step checkout, helping to grow your sales!

  • Avoid multiple tabs and pages
  • Display daily events all at once
  • Simplify the buying process for your patrons


Event Marketing

Spread the word across your platforms

Skillfully manage your marketing to grow your platform! Our integration options with MailChimp and Constant Contact were created to help you stay on top of your marketing efforts and expand your patron lists. Easily sync your marketing account to our festival ticketing software to merge contacts for email campaigns. Our software makes it easy to view customers and set preferences for email campaigns or marketing messages. Our synchronization options and email campaigns integration can successfully amp up your marketing strategies to promote your festival to the world.

  • Sync with MailChimp or Constant Contact
  • Merge your contacts into our system
  • Check email lists to add patrons to your campaigns

Mobile Sales
& E-tickets

Mobile Sales & E-Tickets

Keep ticket lines moving

You don't want your patrons' paper tickets to get lost in the excitement of your festival. With our mobile app, e-tickets are delivered directly via email, so tickets can be scanned easily from your customer's phone with Apple Wallet or Google Pay. No internet? No problem. Scanning can also be done offline, whether your patron is coming in or heading out. Our mobile app will effectively keep the lines moving and avoid the stress of lost paper tickets.

  • Patrons can safely access e-tickets on their phone
  • Scan patrons faster using the mobile app
  • Avoid long lines to buy paper tickets

Festival Ticketing Software

All-in-one Festival Ticketing Software

Capture the festivities with our festival ticketing software

You don't need multiple systems to run your festivals: here at VBO Tickets, we're here for all your event management needs. Multi-day passes and single step checkout can efficiently manage extended events for both your employees and patrons. Want to get more tech savvy? Our mobile sales options and e-tickets avoid long lines and save everyone from the stress of lost paper tickets. Marketing is the key to promoting your festival, so keep it thriving with easy access to event-specific merchandise for loyal patrons and integrating your current email marketing accounts with our software. Your festivals will be much easier to manage and destined to succeed with the help of our all-in-one festival ticketing software.

  • Take advantage of multi-day passes
  • Offer single step checkout
  • Keep lines moving with e-tickets and mobile scanners
  • Sell both global and event-specific merchandise
  • Integrate your email marketing platforms such as MailChimp or Constant Contact

Event Specific

Event Specific Merchandise

Let your biggest fans represent you

The best way for fans to share their support is with merchandise! Our software allows both global and event-specific merchandise options, so you can decide what type of products to sell. While global merch can be sold at all times, event-specific products are individualized for each festival to offer something extra special for your patrons. Your patrons want to show the world that they loved your event: make their purchasing process simple with our event-specific merchandising feature!

  • Sell merchandise straight from our software
  • Specify between global or event-specific merch
  • Send custom delivery messages


Multi-Day Passes

Daily passes to maximize your festivals

Give patrons all the time they need to fully experience your festival. With our multi-day passes, patrons can make a one-time purchase to access multiple events, rather than standing in long lines to buy a new ticket every time. Patrons can download their tickets traditionally via paper or wear a special badge throughout the festival. Managing a multi-day event will never be stressful for you or your patrons with the convenience and flexibility of our multi-day passes.

  • One-time purchase for the entire festival duration
  • Avoid long lines for daily tickets
  • Use special badges or stamps to regulate patrons