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Museum & Aquarium Ticketing software

Museums and aquariums love our patron membership tools with built in CRM, and timed ticketing for exhibits.

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Museum Ticketing Software

  • Expand your community with new members.

    Welcome new patrons into your museum family by offering membership packages! Patrons can choose between monthly, quarterly, annually, or lifetime memberships. Conveniently, scanning member cards will auto-generate tickets, eliminating the need to purchase tickets beforehand. Offer either stress-free auto renewals, or simple email reminders with a renewal link.. With memberships, constantly welcome new patrons to your museum family.

  • Gain full control over your visitors’ entry times.

    Timed ticketing is the perfect solution for managing your incoming patrons. With timed ticketing, choose your selected entry times for your attractions and patrons can purchase a ticket for the time they prefer. When you regulate your museum with timed ticketing, you’ll never stress about overcrowding and long lines; instead, you’ll know exactly who’s signed up to come each day you’re open.

  • Get to know your daily museum members.

    Get to know your patrons through a detailed account of their actions with CRM profiles. Check contact info, donor activity, transaction history, and more to help improve your interactions and communication with each patron. Make edits such as address changes or signing people up for mailing lists. Taking advantage of CRM profiles will not only help you track patrons, but also get to know your new museum family.

  • Check in patrons at the door from your mobile device.

    Don’t keep yourself trapped in your office! Utilize the Mobile Event Manager app to scan tickets, view guest lists, or check event statistics even if your device is offline. No more long lines in front of admissions: take matters into your own hands by using your new museum ticketing software straight from your mobile device.

  • Provide opportunities for your patrons to give back.

    With donation campaigns, you can learn just how much your patrons want to give back to you. Run campaigns through your website or during checkout online, with plenty of amazing features such as recurring donor options, employer matching, and progress bars. When you want to engage with your patrons and help them give back, donation campaigns will help you reach your fundraising goals.

  • Manage your museum beyond the exhibits.

    You don’t want to hire multiple companies to handle each of your event management needs, so take advantage of our museum ticketing software to do more than just sell tickets. Take advantage of features such as timed ticketing, membership subscriptions, mobile capabilities, donation campaigns, and more all to help you grow your clientele and manage day-to-day operations. Don’t try to juggle multiple softwares; instead, use our all-in-one ticketing system for all your museum’s needs.

Kyle Jaebker
From the very beginning VBO Tickets has stepped up with creative solutions, ticketing systems, and integrations to help Newfields improve our patrons ticket-buying experience.
Kyle Jaebker - Director, Newfields


What would you do with a totally brandable ticketing experience directly on your website? See how Newfields is using VBO Tickets' events plugin. Below are their real events within VBO Tickets plugin, styled to match their branding. Go ahead, click around and see how it works!

Children's Aquarium Dallas

Children's Aquarium Dallas

What would you do with a totally brandable ticketing experience directly on your website? See how the Children's Aquarium is using VBO Tickets' events plugin. Below are their real events within VBO Tickets plugin, styled to match their branding. Go ahead, click around and see how it works!

Universal Hip Hop Museum

Universal Hip Hop Museum

What would you do with a totally brandable ticketing experience directly on your website? See how the Universal Hip Hop Museum is using VBO Tickets' events plugin. Below are their real events within VBO Tickets plugin, styled to match their branding. Go ahead, click around and see how it works!

Newfields Avatar

An Interview

We ask Newfields about their challenges and operations before and after working with VBO Tickets, to find out how our museum software helped.

Ice Cream Museum

A Case Study

A colorful, texture-rich, interactive engagement like this popular ice cream exhibit had unique challenges that were solved by VBO Tickets' museum database systems.

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Museum Memberships

Build new members within your community

Welcome new guests into your museum family! Memberships offer a recurring subscription that can be sold at the museum or via your website. After choosing from a one month, three months, six months, or a year long membership, patrons can visit exhibits and attractions at their leisure. Renewal is stress-free, allowing you to promptly send reminder emails to patrons. By offering membership packages, you'll constantly welcome new patrons and also retain the loyal guests already in your museum family.

  • Sell packages directly from your website
  • Choose a time frame for your membership periods
  • Easily set up renewal emails
  • Patrons can visit anytime within their membership time frame

Simple or Advanced
Timed Ticketing

Simple of Advanced Timed Ticketing

Gain full control over visitation hours

Whether it's counting how many guests are in your aquarium or how many signed up for your museum tour, timed ticketing is the perfect solution for managing visitors. With timed ticketing, all you need to do is plan specific entry times for your attractions to avoid overcrowding or long wait times. You also have the flexibility to set up timed tickets for special events or limited attractions, giving patrons the chance to fully experience any event without feeling rushed or crowded. Using timed ticketing is one of the best ways to keep your customers and employees happy every time they visit your attraction.

  • Choose entry times for your patrons
  • Keep track of all visitors
  • Avoid overcrowding or wait times

patron communications

CRM & patron communications

Get to know your daily museum-goers

In your museum, patrons should never be treated like strangers. Get to really know your customers with our CRM profiles designed to collect important information to understand patrons' needs. Check contact info, donor activity, transaction history, payment records, and subscription statuses to provide the best experience for your visitors. Take action by building mailing lists, updating contact information, or checking transactions. Using CRM profiles can provide a wealth of information to build relationships, foster loyalty, and retain customers.

  • View patron information all at once
  • Check purchasing information
  • Update information about patrons as needed

Museum Ticketing Software

All-in-one museum ticketing software

Managing your museum beyond the exhibits

VBO Tickets offer a multitude of different features that go beyond simple ticket sales. Try options such as membership subscriptions to retain patrons, timed ticketing to manage visitors, or mobile capabilities to run events from outside your ticketing office. Want to get to know your patrons? Use our CRM profiles to learn about your customers or run donation campaigns to fund your organization. Your museum engages your visitors through the world of art, history or science, and our team is ready to help share these experiences successfully with our all-in-one museum ticketing software.

  • Offer membership subscriptions
  • Use timed ticketing to control crowds
  • Learn about patrons with CRM profiles
  • Run donation campaigns
  • Use high-tech mobile capabilities

Mobile Event
Manager App

Mobile event manager

Manage your events right from your device

Don't keep patrons waiting in long lines to get into your museum. Quickly scan tickets with our Mobile Event Manager app that works from any mobile device. Our scanner works offline or in the dark so you can venture out of your ticketing office to check in your visitors. The app can check guests lists or manage event statistics to best manage your exhibits. Make museum experiences unforgettable by getting patrons to their favorite exhibits efficiently and on time.

  • Quickly scan tickets
  • Check guest lists
  • Manage event statistics
  • Avoid long lines

Donation &
gift campaigns

Donation & gift campaigns

Help your patrons show their appreciation through donations

Donations means more than making money: they show that patrons care about your museum. Donation campaigns give customers the opportunity to donate either at checkout or on your website. Keep track of their support with special features such as a goal progress bar or a recurring donation option for monthly, quarterly, or yearly contributions. Want to reach further? Try employer matching to encourage your donors' employers to also give back. Engage with your biggest supporters by giving your patrons donation options for your museum.

  • Use popup windows, widgets, or plugins on your website
  • Set minimum or recommended donation amounts
  • Create progress bars
  • Take advantage of employer matching
  • Set up recurring donations