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Museum Ticketing Software

We work with museums of all sizes to improve their patron management and sales process.

  • All-in-one museum ticketing software

    From admission sales to memberships and more, our system has museums covered.

  • CRM & patron management

    Manage your patron, member, and donor records with ease.

  • Multiple event types

    Customized views and functionality to fit any type of event.

  • Timed ticketing

    Daily timed entry capabilities for special exhibitions.

  • Donations & development

    Accept donations and manage development in person and online.

  • Memberships

    Gain patrons through recurring member packages sold directly on your site.

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Kyle IMA

"From the very beginning VBO Tickets has stepped up with creative solutions, ticketing systems, and integrations to help Newfields improve our patrons ticket-buying experience."

How We Work

Museum Ticketing Software

Museums have brought us many opportunities in providing them with a platform that adheres to their needs. Our assistance to their challenges has helped these organizations become more effective in all aspects such as their ticketing and donor relationships.
  • Are your development tools inefficient?

    Managing donor activity and cultivating ongoing relationships is already time consuming. It may be even less effective if your platform does not provide adequate tools for donating, communicating, and engagement.

  • We have powerful Donor Management tools.

    Museums prosper not only from their patrons but their most loyal donors. To keep this relationship going, our system combines automatic outreach, unique donation campaigns, and effective relationship tools to ensure that communication leads to mutual gain.

  • Do you exceed exhibit capacity?

    Selling events within your GA admission can be tricky when too many people want to attend the same exhibit. Overselling may occur and managing venue capacity becomes a bigger problem than it should be.

  • Regulate entries with our Timed Ticketing.

    With multiple time-slots available, timed ticketing ensures that each time generates a certain amount of tickets. This allows box office managers to control the amount of people that are admitted into the event.

  • Do you juggle multiple systems?

    Museum box office managers that use separate systems deal with the issues of multiple accounts, inconsistent report matching, and a potential loss of sales data.

  • Utilize our all-In-One ticketing system.

    Forget the hassle of switching between different platforms. Our all-in-one ticketing solution does the job of incorporating all of your accounts, reports, and sales data into one system that can be accessed from anywhere.

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An Interview

We ask Newfields about their challenges and operations before and after working with VBO Tickets, to find out how our museum software helped.

VBO Tickets' museum admissions software fits the needs of businesses big and small.

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A Case Study

A colorful, texture-rich, interactive engagement like this popular ice cream exhibit had unique challenges that were solved by VBO Tickets' museum database systems.