Tours and Attractions Software

Attractions around the world use our software to sell GA and timed entry with precision

  • Timed Ticketing

    Daily timed entry capabilities for special exhibitions.

  • VBO Ticket Kiosk

    Point of sale kiosk offers simple, self-service experience for patrons

  • Merchandise

    Sell event specific or global merchandise during the ticket sales process.

  • Memberships

    Gain patrons through recurring member packages sold directly on your site.

  • Mobile Check-in

    Connect a QR USB scanner for entry management or check in patrons in any tablet.

  • CRM and Patron Communications

    Manage contact information, email lists, and send announcements, reminders, and promotions straight from your VBO Tickets Event Manager.

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"The team at VBO Tickets are wizards and have been able to meet, or exceed, our expectations when challenged with finding new solutions for our needs."

How We Work

Tours & Attractions Software

The Challenges

We understand what makes our clients special – the reasons why locals and tourists flock to their venues seeking out educational, inspiring and memorable moments. We also know that each patron's experience should be one of wonder – not facing the trouble of long lines, or struggling with confusing tour schedules. This is why VBO Tickets has worked hard to build ticketing and patron management software that's equipped with tools to help alleviate the stressors that can come with any event-going experience such as varying exhibit schedules, limited attendance capacity, and efficient management of patrons during busy timeframes. With the need for mobile functionality to support check-in and payment processes we've developed tools to help manage a box office virtually, offering our clients the support they need to succeed in this fast-paced field.

The Solutions

VBO Tickets' timed ticketing feature is vital to effectively regulating the movement of patrons and preventing the sale of tickets to overlapping events. VBO Tickets' user-friendly ticket kiosk aids in reducing box office congestion by giving patrons the freedom to quickly purchase a ticket through the touch-screen interface. Our comprehensive system also enables the sale of merchandise, memberships, while providing administrators with the ability to apply discount codes and enable automatic notifications for renewals.

Our integrative CRM tools increase customer retention by automatically updating patron information during every transaction, and allowing administrators to generate contact lists. In addition, our communications features allows managers to easily send out announcements, thank you letters, and promote upcoming events on social channels. Best of all, each robust feature included in VBO Tickets' software is enhanced by intuitive mobile functionality, real-time reporting tools, and is compatible with portable scanning devices, making mobile check-in a breeze.

VBO Tickets' cutting-edge platform with its intuitive design, integrative and customizable features, and easy-to-use tools makes our software an integral part of any successful tours and attractions venue.

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An Interview

We ask Winchester Mystery House about their challenges with timed tours and how VBO Tickets improved their box office flow.

VBO Tickets' tours & attractions software offers unique timed entry features.

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A Case Study

Visit San Francisco during prohibition in an immersive theatrical experience! We examine the unique challenges that were solved by VBO Tickets.