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Tours & Attractions Software

Exploring a tour or taking an adventure on a thrill-seeking attraction is a memorable experience for all. With our event ticketing software, we have helped to keep the memories alive by providing a solution that assists the needs of our tour and attraction clients.

  • Are your box office lines too long?

    Dealing with an excess of patrons at your box office may require additional staff members at each register, causing lines to bottleneck and impatient customers. Having more staff members to assist patrons also utilizes more resources than needed.

  • Add our portable ticket kiosk.

    Our self-service kiosk lessens wait times and gives patrons the option to buy independently without going through a box office representative. Our simplified touch screen kiosk allows patrons to purchase a ticket, make a payment, and print a receipt with barcode for entry.

  • Can you sell addons with tickets?

    Being unable to enforce the purchase of a primary ticket in order to unlock an add-on ticket option may limit opportunities for upselling and enhancing a patrons experience.

  • Use conditional tickets to upsell.

    Event managers can create a ticket that unlocks a secondary item which adds an opportunity to up-sell. This can either be an additional ticket or a merchandise item. Great for selling an event within a main event.

  • Do you manually check in guests?

    In many cases generating a guest list means that event managers are either printing out their list on a piece of paper or in a spreadsheet. Manually checking in guests from the list becomes tedious and harder to keep track of guests.

  • Quickly search electronic guest lists.

    Our digital guest list allows event managers to easily search for patrons by name and check them in and out of an event with a click or tap. Keeping track of event attendees as they enter can improve the entrance process.

Michael Taffe
The team at VBO Tickets are wizards and have been able to meet, or exceed, our expectations when challenged with finding new solutions for our needs.
Michael Taffe - Director of Operations, Winchester Mystery House
Sun City
Sun City Texas Community Association

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See how the Sun City Texas Community Association is using VBO Tickets' events plugin. Below is their real events plugin within, styled to match their colors. Go ahead, click around and see how it works!

House of 8 Media
House of 8 Media

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See how House of 8 Media is using VBO Tickets' events plugin. Below is their real events plugin within, styled to match their colors. Go ahead, click around and see how it works!

Winchester Mystery House
Winchester Mystery House

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See how Winchester Mystery House is using VBO Tickets' events plugin. Below is their real events plugin within, styled to match their colors. Go ahead, click around and see how it works!

WMH Avatar

An Interview

We ask Winchester Mystery House about their challenges with timed tours and how VBO Tickets improved their box office flow.

Ice Cream Museum

A Case Study

A look at Explore Buffalo, a non-profit organization providing tours to discover Buffalo's great architecture, history, and neighborhoods.

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Tour & Attraction

Tour & Attraction Memberships

Keep your patrons in the family

Give your patrons the chance to visit you as many times as they want with our membership feature for tours and attractions. Patrons can choose a one month, three month, six month, or year long subscription. Our hassle-free renewal system makes updating a subscription quick and easy: simply send reminder emails to alert patrons that their renewal date is approaching. By offering memberships, customers can visit your most popular attractions every day and spread the word about joining your community.

  • Sell memberships directly from your website
  • Patrons can choose their membership period
  • Easily set up subscription renewal emails

Timed Ticketing &
Conditional Tickets

Timed Ticketing & Conditional Tickets

Help your patrons arrive on time

Whether you have special timed exhibits or tours, or just want to manage opening hours for your attraction, our timed ticketing feature will keep you in control. With timed ticketing, set your own specific entry times for your events to control who enters at what times. To offer the most to your customers, you can also try conditional tickets. Once a patron purchases a conditional ticket, their purchase can unlock secondary tickets that include special perks or rewards. With timed and conditional ticketing, avoid long lines or overcrowding while offering the best perks to your customers.

  • Set specific entry times for patrons to avoid overcrowding
  • Offer special perks or rewards with conditional ticketing

patron management

CRM & Patron Management

Get to know your community

Our CRM profiles and patron reporting options help market events to the most dedicated customers all while growing your platform. CRM profiles show useful information about each customer including contact info, donor activity, transaction histories, and subscriptions. To gain a comprehensive understanding of buying habits, try using our custom patron reports to learn about payment methods, purchasing dates, or other financial activity. Every successful business treats their patrons like family, so getting to really know your customers with our CRM profile options will further enhance your marketing strategies.

  • See all important patron information on one page
  • Track buying habits to better market to customers
  • Build custom patron reports

attraction ticketing Software

All-in-one Attraction Ticketing Software

Your best event management software yet

Our team at VBO Tickets wants to be here for your attractions and watch you succeed. Our event management software was designed to help transform your platform from simple ticket sales into an all-encompassing event management system. With features such as timed ticketing, membership subscriptions, CRM, mobile capabilities, and dozens more, you'll be ready to tackle any event that comes your way.

  • Sell conditional tickets or timed tickets
  • Offer memberships
  • Use CRM profiles to get to know your patrons
  • Sell event-specific merchandise
  • Avoid long lines with mobile apps


Mobile Capabilities

Sell tickets right from your fingertips

Harness the power of our mobile app and ticketing options to streamline ticket sales. Our Mobile Event Manager app checks in guests on your device rather than from a ticket booth, keeping lines moving faster. Want to avoid lost paper tickets? Try offering e-tickets which can be downloaded to Apple Wallet or Google Pay and scanned by your phone or tablet, even if you're offline. Don't get trapped in an office printing ticket after ticket; instead, use our mobile app and e-tickets to make ticket sales easier to manage for both staff and patrons.

  • Email e-tickets directly to patrons
  • Scan tickets offline from our app
  • Avoid long lines and paper tickets

Event specific

Event specific merchandise

Let your fans represent you

Your patrons want to share their great experiences at your tours and attractions! With event-specific merchandise, you can sell products directly from your website for each of your attractions. While global merchandise is an option, event-specific products highlight certain attractions or tours that your patrons enjoyed the most. Try our custom delivery messages to promote new and exciting products, and soon your merchandise will find a new home with your devoted customers.

  • Sell products from within the ticketing software
  • Create event-specific merch special to certain tours or attractions
  • Send custom delivery messages