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5 Features to level up your event ticketing platform in 2023

Are you looking for key features that will bring your event ticketing platform up to speed this year? Maybe you feel you are overpaying for something that does not deliver on your expectations. Perhaps you don’t care for confusingly sending your patrons to a different website to purchase tickets; or you’re using disconnected websites for ticket sales, merchandise sales, and marketing.

The CRM component may not be as robust as required for your business, or the reporting does not organize your data well. Customer support and service may not have the flexibility you expect. Customization and flexibility does not exist in a way that meets the demands of your unique, ever changing business. These are challenges Event Managers face all too often.

VBO Tickets is very likely the upgrade from self services ticketing platforms your business is ready for. Here are 5 reasons that separate VBO Tickets’ all-in-one white label ticketing software from entry level do-it yourself event ticketing platforms.

1. Direct & Instant Payments for event ticketing

First of all, VBO Tickets gives you direct and instant payments. With VBO Tickets, your money goes directly into your bank account through Stripe, PayPal Pay Flow Pro, BlueFin,, or 360 Payments. Self service ticketing platforms, on the other hand, may lack choice and process your proceeds in-house, they often can take up to 4-5 days before sending your money to your account. It’s your money, so with VBO Tickets, your money will go straight into your bank account.

Compared to many self serve ticketing systems, VBO Tickets’ pricing is much more personalized and flexible. VBO Tickets’ pricing is modeled on a transaction-based fee structure, which scales with your company’s growth. On the other hand, many DIY platforms place your organization into a category where they charge you based on an inflexible model and have been known to charge higher prices, as well as having hidden fees.

event ticketing software on laptop with direct payments
Payments made online or in the box office go directly to you

2. Top Notch Customer Service

Event ticketing with VBO Tickets is known for quick, responsive, and thorough customer service. Whether it’s just day-to-day questions, additional training, hand holding through your first event, or the potential need for customization, VBO Tickets is always eager to help. 

In comparison, self service ticketing platforms, are known for a more hands-off automated approach to customer service. With VBO Tickets, you can talk directly to your sales rep on the phone or by email, who will personally work with you to resolve any issues you may have. 

Robust help docs, email support tickets, and emergency phone support.

3. Seamless event ticketing that promotes your brand

With VBO Tickets white label ticketing software, VBO Tickets enables you to seamlessly embed the ticket purchasing interface on your own website with a customizable design to suit your branding and style. You control the CSS on your VBO plugins for finer control! Our white label ticketing software also allows you to sell your tickets on multiple pages of your website and in many different ways, including stand alone donation pages, merchandise, subscriptions, and membership pages. Besides that, you can also use widgets on sidebars or anywhere else to display information about your events.

Your patrons will never need to leave your website to complete a purchase, which leads to higher conversion rates and the best patron user experience.

winchester mystery house website
VBO plugin with custom CSS on the Winchester Mystery House website

4. Customization to Meet Your Needs

Now, it doesn’t just end at great customer service and fast response time with our event ticketing platform; we take feedback really seriously and are always working to create new features based on feedback from our clients. 

We also pay attention to every customer we have, not just the large volume customers. With features ranging from fully customizable seat maps to our built-in donations plug-in, and our ever-improving software and features, VBO Tickets could be perfect for your events. 

Our customers range from museums to theatres, sporting events, universities, attractions, and more, so if your event sounds similar, VBO Tickets has all the features you need. 

5. Easy Customer Relationship Management (CRM) & Persuasive Marketing

Lastly, VBO Tickets’ easy to use CRM enables you to build and maintain relationships with existing and potential patrons. With complete profiles of all your patrons, reports on event summaries, transactions, and real time information, you can easily view and analyze data from our online or mobile platforms. 

With this information, you can market your events more effectively and communicate with your patrons using our many marketing features. These include multiple reminder emails on your events, social sharing, tracking codes, discount codes and customized email lists. 

Patron CRM Profile
Patron CRM Profile


Often event organizers start with an entry level, easy to sign up for event platform. However they may quickly realize it is not the correct, one size fits all solution that they were expecting. Upgrade your business to the next level with VBO Tickets’ all-in-one white label ticketing software solution, and take advantage of robust features that will propel your events into the future. Request a free demo today!

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