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How Single Sign On (SSO) brings ease and security to your university

Whether it’s reading a virtual textbook, logging into a Zoom class, or entering payroll for student jobs, colleges and universities rely on accessing online software to provide the best education for their students. Remembering unique passwords can bring stress to students who have to juggle so many different accounts at once, especially when it comes to logging in for exams or virtually clocking in for their campus jobs. When too many logins start to become hectic, Single Sign On will help staff and students log in to all their online accounts with ease, no matter what campus activity they need to get to next.

What is Single Sign On (SSO)? 

SSO is a technology used by universities to help staff and students access all their educational accounts with only one username and password. Activities within the college, such as accessing virtual textbooks, viewing grade records, logging into employment software, or using other educational resources all require usernames and passwords for entry online. Instead of remembering individual credentials, SSO securely recognizes accounts that are stored in the college’s external database and allows the same credentials to be used for all the accounts used by that staff member or student. 

With only one set of credentials, students don’t have to worry about recording their various passwords and possibly losing them. This brings ease to all online resources, VBO Tickets included. When staff and students take advantage of our campus authentication feature, users with credentials saved within the university’s database can log into their VBO Tickets accounts to  make purchases or access events. No making separate accounts or worrying about being able to access event information: SSO offers quick and safe access to VBO Tickets. 

Multi-Departmental Support 

Many departments throughout universities can use VBO Tickets to manage their ticketing, whether it’s the theatre box office, student organizations, fundraising committees, sports offices, or others. With SSO, campus members can have access to VBO Tickets across their various departments without having to create unique credentials for each division of the college. Students can jump from buying theatre tickets to managing their next sorority event all with their single username and password, making VBO Tickets access easy across the board. With unlimited users and different levels of access, VBO Tickets accounts can be controlled by administrators to make student employee life simple, no matter which department office they work in. 

Setting Up SSO in VBO

Setting up SSO in VBO Tickets is a simple, stress-free process that will help link your VBO Tickets accounts to your campus’ active directory. As long as you have access to your Single Sign On Identity Provider (IDP), you’ll be able to add your organization’s information into VBO Tickets to allow login credentials to be used within the ticketing software.

Single Sign On (SSO) for colleges


College can bring many new challenges and opportunities to students, and accessing accounts for school shouldn’t be frustrating. With SSO, students can create a single set of unique login credentials to access their campus accounts, no matter what online resources they need to view. When it comes to logging into VBO Tickets, bring ease to your multiple campus departments by allowing Single Sign On (SSO) as a secure and fast way to access our all-in-one ticketing software for colleges and universities.

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