User-Friendly Event Seating Software

Recreate any venue's seating to give your patrons a better purchasing experience. With features like color coded seats for pricing, social distanced seating, and pre-reserving the same seats every event for VIP patrons, VBO Tickets' assigned seating software helps you and your patrons more efficiently sell and buy tickets. Give your patrons important information about seat specific differences, like price, availability, and more, in an easily and quickly digestible format.

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Promoter Experience

All the tools you need to efficiently manage your assigned seating events in a flexible and organized platform. From the seat map creation process to finally selling tickets online or in the box office, VBO Tickets' software brings you through the whole process.

  • Intuitive seat map builder tools with drag-and-select functions
  • View complete seat maps and select seats in the box office, perfect for phone orders and more
  • Override ticket prices, waive fees, and give discounts for specific seats
  • Easily set boundaries between patrons, whether it be automatically putting seats between groups or enforcing patrons to buy a whole table in table seating
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Patron Experience

Give you patrons a straightforward visual seat selection experience. From the ticket price to the specifics of each seat, whether it's along an aisle, near the exit, or behind a post, your patrons will know exactly what they're buying. No surprises, nothing!

  • Mixed seating views that combine general admission with assigned seating
  • Clear seat section and pricing labels with color coded pricing tiers
  • Automatic social distancing with any amount of seats in between groups
  • Differentiate ADA accessible and ADA companion seats with standard seats
Who is this for?

Any organization that wants an organized and straightforward seat management and ticket buying process. Whether it be a theatre with a unique venue and seat price structure or a sports organizer that needs to reserve different seats for player families, the media and more, our assigned seating software will get it done!

And So Much More!

ADA Accessibility

Easily mark seats as ADA accessible or ADA companion seats. With our drag-and-select software, edit individual seats, rows, or groups of seats.

Table Seating

Create tables with any number of seats efficiently. Additionally, you can enforce all tickets at a table to be sold as a single unit, or require a seat minimum in order to purchase.

Ticket Holds

Create holds for patrons that expire whenever you choose, or never. Send patrons scheduled or manual email reminders to pay.

Minimum Cart Value

Enforce a minimum cart value to allow patrons to purchase tickets.

Shared Allocation

Add multiple prices for the same seat to accommodate for student, elderly and veteran seating.

Special Pricing

Add discounts for individual seats, groups, or entire sections. Add special member prices as well.

Mobile App

Sell specific seats and tickets, scan patrons into events, and view a summary of your event statistics with our free mobile app.

Block Out Seats

Mark certain seats as sold or unavailable for purchase, as well as create new hold types, like media and technology, for organization.

Mixed Seating

After clicking on the general seating section on the seat map, your patrons will get a popup allowing them to purchase general admission tickets.

VIP Seating

Automatically hold the same seats at every event for special patrons.

Ticket Printing

Print out patron tickets using Bocca thermal printers or laser printers, configured from editable templates within the system.