Holds - Flexible Box Office Solutions

What are holds?

Holds allow you to reserve tickets for customers to purchase them at a later time online or at the box office. Customers won't be pressed for time when purchasing tickets, making the buying experience more pleasant. This also lessens refunds and cancellation rates. You can even add items to an existing hold, giving your customers more flexibility.

Worried about customers holding tickets for too long? Don't be. VBO Tickets' hold feature allows you to choose when holds expire, down to the quarter hour, giving you full control! You'll never need to worry about customers forgetting they've placed tickets on hold either. You're able to send customizable email reminders to patrons, reminding them to purchase their tickets. Email reminders can be sent immediately when the hold is placed, 24 hours before it expires, or even a range from every 1 week to every 4 weeks.

Who is this for?

Known to optimize conversion rates and increase sales, holds are for any organization that wants to nurture their customer relations and take their ticket selling to the next level. If a patron wants to reserve seats for a play but left their credit card somewhere, or they want to go to a sports game but have to discuss it with other people first, holds are an ideal solution. Even if a customer is not entirely sure they want to go to an event, promoters can put their tickets on hold for however long is needed, giving customers a better buying experience, as they can reserve the exact seats that they prefer.

Hold settings

Send customizable email reminders to patrons, reminding them to purchase their tickets.

Partially delete a hold based on patron needs

Send automatic email reminders set to different times

Reserve specific seats for assigned seating events