Seatmap Builder & Seat Reservation Software

Easily control your own venue seatmaps, from designing the background graphic to quickly laying out sections and seats in bulk. Our seatmap building tools give you power and flexibility when crafting venue maps no matter the size. Instantly lay down hundreds or thousands of seats, and manage labeling for sections, rows, and seats.

  • add table seats to any seatmap
  • build a theatre seatmap with curves
  • build a basketball seatmap
  • build circular maps
How it works

Advanced Seatmap Building Tools

add seats to your seatmap
Set labeling to generate a few or even thousands of rows and seats for a section. These will be added on your map for you to move into place.
place seats in your seatmap
Arrange seats in corresponding sections by drag & drop, or more quickly by use of the seat placement tool. Choose a section, row or range of rows, seats, and set an optional curve radius. This will auto place all your defined seats at once!
edit seats on your seatmap
Mistakes are not uncomment when building a large seatmap. Simply right click on any seat and you'll have the option to delete that individual seat, the row containing the seat, or the entire section containing that seat.
  • Create your own background graphic for your venue layout as a JPG, PNG, or SVG and upload it to the builder. Your seats will overlay on this graphic.
  • Add table seating to any map with unique table labeling. Even mix standard assigned seats with table seating.
  • Generate tens or thousands of seats and rows, suitable for small theatres and giant arenas alike.
  • Quickly lay down entire sections with the click of a button after dragging the four corner seats into place.
  • Set a curve radius for entire sections or define different curves for each row for true to venue arrangements.
  • Add multiple sub maps for separate seating areas like balconies, mezzanines, or stadium sections.
Use Cases
  • Performing Arts Theatres of all sizes in need of accurate venue seatmaps depicting an orchestra section, multi-section floor, and balconies.
  • Party venues with table seating in multiple rooms or common areas that want to control where visitors sit.
  • Exhibits within a general admission venue that need to provide assigned seating for visitors.
  • Comedy clubs and improv theatres that want to offer optimal seating choices to their patrons.
  • Galas and fund raiser events with table seating options for donors and patrons.