High-Quality Ticket Scanner

Supported Ticket Scanning Devices

Efficiently run your live events with the use of our recommended mobile ticket scanners. Prevent ticket fraud and duplication while handling crowds of any size at one or multiple entrances. These devices are designed to work with our Mobile Event Manager app, allowing you to scan patrons in and out, access CRM details, view event statistics, and more.

Chainway C66 Scannner
Chainway C66 Scanner
Linea Pro 7 Scanner
Linea Pro 7 Scanner
Sunmi L2k Scanner
Sunmi L2K Scanner

Why use a Ticket Scanner?

With the precision of hand held ticket scanners you'll be able to check patrons in and out with ease. Not to mention, it's faster and more secure by preventing duplicate entry. You'll see a success or error message on the screen when you scan a ticket QR code, notifying you if that ticket has been used before.

If you're running a larger live event such as a basketball game or a concert, you know the struggle of managing multiple entry points and swiftly getting patrons into the event. Utilizing multiple event ticket scanners throughout your venue will greatly improve your attendance accuracy while giving your staff an easy to handle scanning experience.

How Ticket Scanners Work

Our recommended scanners have been developed to work with our Mobile Event Manager app, allowing 2D QR code scanning, by connecting directly to your events in the cloud. Once you purchase a scanning device and install the Mobile Event Manager app, you can immediately take advantage of its fast and precise laser scanning technology. Simply login to your VBO Tickets account, select your event, and you're ready to scan!

When a patron buys a ticket to your event, they'll receive their tickets via email, which can be printed or presented on their phone. As well, they may add their tickets to Apple Wallet or Google Wallet to present during event entry. Your gate staff, equipped with one of these ticket scanners, will be able to quickly scan patrons into your event.

Scan with our Mobile Event Manager app

Use your smart phone camera to scan with the Mobile Event Manager app on iOS or Android.

VBO Mobile App
Mobile Scanning

Take advantage of superior laser scanning you can only get from a hand-held ticket scanner. A comfortable grip and large screen offers presicion scanning and faster check in and out for your patrons.

QR Code Scanning

Supports 2D scanning. Quickly scan QR codes presented on paper or mobile tickets.

Gate Control

Check visitors in and out to control entrances around your venue.

Multiple Scanners

Utilize many ticket scanners at several entry points with real-time syncing.

Mobile Event Manager

Integration with our app to scan patron tickets, look up guests, and much more!