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Music agencies and venues love our white label embedment and band management features.

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College & University Ticketing Software

VBO Tickets provides Colleges and Universities with a complete solution for multi-department event management and ticketing. Our assistance with the challenges of academic institues has helped our clients become more effective in all areas, such as donor relations and online ordering. What problems are you facing in your organization?

  • Are your departments working in different systems?

    Colleges with multiple departments using separate systems deal with the issues of multiple accounts, inconsistent report matching, and a potential loss of sales data.

  • All-in-one and multi-account management

    We offer a one-stop solution that handles ticketing, registrations, memberships, subscriptions, donations, and merchandise. We also provide multi-department sign on to keep data clean and organized.

  • Do you need to validate students and faculty during the online purchasing process?

    Students, staff, and faculty often buy tickets and register for events from the same interface the public would. In doing so they may not be identified upon signing in as a student or faculty member.

  • Simplified with single sign-on

    We integrate with your active campus directory to validate students, staff, and faculty with our single sign-on feature so they can use university credentials to sign in. This greatly reduces redundant actions during online checkout. Coming soon: provide discounts and restricted ticket offers to your campus community after sign on validation.

  • Does your current provider struggle with data security?

    Security is critical for maintaining your online presence and providing a legal and safe checkout experience for your patrons, students, and staff. Some ticketing platforms may not be up to security standards or may not even comply with legal requirements.

  • Secured from every angle

    VBO Tickets has gone to great lengths to make certain our software and online purchase process is fully SSL secured, PCI compliant, GDPR regulated, and HECVAT proficient. This means you can rest easy knowing your customer’s data is encrypted and their credit card transactions are secure and compliant with industry regulations.

Peri's Tavern
St. Norbert College

Brandable event plugins for your website.

See how St. Norbert College is using VBO Tickets' events plugin. Below is their real events plugin within, styled to match their colors. Go ahead, click around and see how it works!

Greater Bridgeport Symphony
Carthage College

Brandable event plugins for your website.

See how Carthage College is using VBO Tickets' events plugin. Below is their real events plugin within, styled to match their colors. Go ahead, click around and see how it works!

Wagon Wheel
Lawrence University

Brandable event plugins for your website.

See how Lawrence University is using VBO Tickets' events plugin. Below is their real events plugin within, styled to match their colors. Go ahead, click around and see how it works!

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Event Merchandise

Representing you, every moment in every place

Your fans want to represent you, and we want to help them! Our dedicated team here at VBO Tickets built the merchandise feature with artists like you in mind, so you can sell your products directly through our system. No need to outsource or hire other companies: we make it easy by taking care of it with the same ticketing software. Merchandise can be global at any time during all events, or event-specific for special occasions or venues. We also want to give you the option to include custom delivery messages to show your appreciation. Your fans want to buy your products, so with these merchandise features in hand, our music ticketing software is ready to support musicians like you.

  • Sell products from within the ticketing software
  • Specify between global or event-specific merchandise
  • Send custom delivery messages

White Label

White Label Embedment

Sell from your own website, any place, any time

The last thing you want is to direct potential fans away from your website, so why sell on a site that isn't yours? Our white label integration allows our software to function directly from your website as a plugin, so buyers only see your content. Patrons can view performance dates, venues, and seat maps right from your website. Don’t have your own website? Use our software through Facebook, where you can add a plugin to your profile to sell straight from social media. With white label integration and plugins from our ticketing software for musicians, your platform has the ability to grow by keeping potential buyers connected to you.

  • Sell from your own website
  • Use plugins to avoid redirection
  • Use Facebook to sell from your profile

Live Video

Live Video Streaming

Your greatest performances, right from home

The pandemic has impacted live music venues to reconfigure their performance options. Here at VBO Tickets, we don't want your fans to be missing out if they're not comfortable at a live venue or don't have time to travel, so we created a live streaming feature for your stay-at-home fans! With live streaming, a media player is embedded into your website so ticket holders can watch live from the comfort of their own homes. No website? No problem: you can also live stream from Facebook for those who use social media. Your biggest fans might have their own reasons to watch from home, so our software is ready to keep them connected.

  • Broadcast live performances directly from your website
  • Use Facebook to show live shows
  • Give stay-at-home options to your fans

Music Ticketing Software

All-in-one Music Ticketing Software

Hitting the high notes on all your music entertainment needs

Making it in the music industry takes dedication, and you need the best team possible to have your back when it comes to event management. Trust our team here at VBO Tickets to support you with our all-in-one music ticketing system to build the success of your events. With features such as white label integration, live streaming, merchandise options, ticket addons, and more, your concerts will open up a whole new world of fans. Let us help you reach your performing goals no matter what kind of artist you are, whether you need a helping hand with selling tickets, planning venue seating, marketing your shows, or anything else that will help you on your path to success.

  • White label integration
  • Live streaming opportunities
  • Merchandising
  • Offer ticket addons or perks
  • General admission or assigned seating
  • Band management for entertainment agencies
  • Marketing and promotion support


Ticket Addons

Give your audience the experience of a lifetime

Your biggest fans deserve the best, so why not offer more than just a concert ticket? Show how much you appreciate your fans by offering ticket addons for exclusive concert perks. Ticket addons are accessible to patrons only after buying a regular venue ticket, and can include special gifts, vouchers, or perks to encourage further purchases. Want to offer discounted drinks or snacks? Free t-shirts? A chance to meet a performer? Choose your perks and allow patrons to unlock them after completing their purchase. Ticket addons are an ideal way to show appreciation and give back to the community that supports you the most.

  • Add special perks to ticket sales
  • Provide event-specific offers to your fans


Band Management

Give your clients the opportunities they deserve

As an agency, our team knows that managing several different artists can be a big task. With our music entertainment software, keep all your artists' information distinct so you can offer them the best management possible. No worrying about accidentally merging accounts: our system allows you to set up different accounts for multiple performers, keeping their sales, tickets, and venues separated. Each artist also has their own login to manage their information. Whether you represent five bands or five hundred, our team at VBO Tickets wants to help you be the best agency to all your clients, so each of them feel appreciated.

  • Set up separate accounts for individual bands
  • Access unlimited user accounts
  • Offer SSO for band members