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We work with athletic organizations of all sizes to improve their event sales process.

  • All-in-one athletic organization ticketing

    From day classes to memberships and more, our system has museums covered.

  • Memberships

    Setup recurring membership packages sold directly on your site.

  • CRM & email campaigns

    Manage members and maintain communication.

  • Multiple event types

    Customized views and functionality to fit any type of event.

  • Conditional registration

    Customers can register for events and specify attributes that affect total cost.

  • Sell merchandise

    Cross sell your merch along with any event sale or membership.

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Greg Catalyst Athletics

"Without VBO Tickets on our site we wouldn't be able to manage and sell access to our seminars, products, or memberships all in one place. The CRM feature is a life safer, too. Thanks!"

Greg Everett
An interview with

Catalyst Athletics

We sat down with Greg at Catalyst Athletics to ask about their experience with VBO Tickets after having been with us for a while. Here's what he had to say.

Tell us what your experience has been like working with VBO?

Working with VBO has been a fantastic experience for us, and I can think of one reason why: they treat us like family. With our former ticketing company, we felt like just another number – but VBO has given us a level of support and communication that makes us feel like we’re a partner, not a client.

How has working with us changed the way your company does business?

VBO has allowed us to completely revamp the way we sell tickets, both online and at the box office. Their white label plugins have made the customer experience much more streamlined, which has led to an increase in our online ticket sales, as well as a great deal of positive feedback from our patrons. Since our box office runs on the same integrated system, it’s easy to manage inventory and seating from anywhere—not just from a dedicated terminal.

What was the need or problem that you had before you started using our product or service?

We were looking for a solution that had flexibility with subscriptions, as well as a robust CRM and ticketing platform.

What did you learn during the process of your search for a ticketing solution?

Most ticketing platforms do something well, but very few do everything well. It’s not hard to find a solution that has a great UI but a CRM that’s lacking, or great accounting tools but poor donation management.

What about our product, service, or company stood out to you among the competition?

The face-to-face level of service stood out to us.

What exceeded your expectations about our product, service, or company?

The accessibility of the support and design team has exceeded my expectations. It’s always easy to get Dave on the phone to discuss new features, or clarify any questions we have about the system.

Why would you recommend us to someone else?

The great service and flexibility provided by VBO allows us to focus our attention on other things.

Thanks Greg!

Catalyst Athletics gym
Courtesy of Catalyst Atheltics.

The great service and flexibility provided by VBO allows us to focus our attention on other things.

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Courtesy of Catalyst Atheltics.
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