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Sporting event organizers love our mobile scanning functionality, season ticket options, and stadium seating map capabilites.

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Tours & Attractions Software

Exploring a tour or taking an adventure on a thrill-seeking attraction is a memorable experience for all. With our event ticketing software, we have helped to keep the memories alive by providing a solution that assists the needs of our tour and attraction clients.

  • Are your box office lines too long?

    Dealing with an excess of patrons at your box office may require additional staff members at each register, causing lines to bottleneck and impatient customers. Having more staff members to assist patrons also utilizes more resources than needed.

  • Add our portable ticket kiosk.

    Our self-service kiosk lessens wait times and gives patrons the option to buy independently without going through a box office representative. Our simplified touch screen kiosk allows patrons to purchase a ticket, make a payment, and print a receipt with barcode for entry.

  • Can you sell addons with tickets?

    Being unable to enforce the purchase of a primary ticket in order to unlock an add-on ticket option may limit opportunities for upselling and enhancing a patrons experience.

  • Use conditional tickets to upsell.

    Event managers can create a ticket that unlocks a secondary item which adds an opportunity to up-sell. This can either be an additional ticket or a merchandise item. Great for selling an event within a main event.

  • Do you manually check in guests?

    In many cases generating a guest list means that event managers are either printing out their list on a piece of paper or in a spreadsheet. Manually checking in guests from the list becomes tedious and harder to keep track of guests.

  • Quickly search electronic guest lists.

    Our digital guest list allows event managers to easily search for patrons by name and check them in and out of an event with a click or tap. Keeping track of event attendees as they enter can improve the entrance process.

Katelyn Werner
With their customizable seating charts, various season membership options and exhaustive offering of useful features, VBO Tickets has made sporting event management a breeze for St. Norberts while providing all the tools we need to succeed in managing our music and fine arts events as well!
Katelyn Werner - Box Office Manager, St. Norbert College
Lonestar Grand Park
Lonestar Park

Brandable event plugins for your website.

See how Lonestar Park is using VBO Tickets' events plugin. Below is their real events plugin within, styled to match their colors. Go ahead, click around and see how it works!


Brandable event plugins for your website.

See how Vallitix is using VBO Tickets' events plugin. Below is their real events plugin within, styled to match their colors. Go ahead, click around and see how it works!

St. Norbert Univeristy
St. Norbert College

Brandable event plugins for your website.

See how St. Norbert College is using VBO Tickets' events plugin. Below is their real events plugin within, styled to match their colors. Go ahead, click around and see how it works!

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Season Tickets with
Preferred Seating

Season Tickets with Preferred Seating

Guarantee their favorite spot every season

Season ticket packages encourage your biggest sports fans to return to your stadium again and again so they never miss a play. Try offering season ticket packages loaded with exclusive special perks, such as discounted tickets or ticket addons that will build team spirit. Fans can also take advantage of preferred seating designed to automatically remember and assign the same seats each season. Don't stress about keeping your sports fans happy: offering season ticket packages with special perks and preferred seating options will definitely keep them cheering on every year!

  • Offer season ticket packages
  • Boost ticket packages with special perks such as discounted tickets
  • Offer preferred seating to ensure subscribers get the same seats each season

Arena Seating &
seat map capabilities

Arena Seating & Seating Map Capabilities

A seat map for any arena

Arenas have all kinds of unique layouts, and creating a seat map that fits your space won't ever be a challenge with our sports ticketing software. With our advanced seat map technology, create any shape that fits your stadium's configuration. Simply upload a background image of your stadium and our software will allow you to drag seats over the image, matching up the seating map to your layout. You can then label sections, rows, or individual spots with specific letters or numbers to keep your seating chart organized. With our advanced seat map technology, you have the capability to customize seating arrangements in any space with total confidence and control.

  • Drag seats over your unique seating arrangement
  • Label sections, rows, or individual seats
  • Create seating maps to fit your stadium’s unique shape and size

patron management

CRM & Patron Management

Connecting with your sports fans

Staying connected with your patrons is an important way to better understand exactly who is attending your events. Our CRM profiles provide everything you need to know about your patrons on one condensed page. View all current and past transactions, subscriber statuses, donor activity, and contact information. Want to learn about their buying habits? Try running our custom patron reports to see transaction details and purchase dates. Getting to know your fans through our CRM profiles is an invaluable way to give them the best experience at your sporting events.

  • See all patron information on one page
  • Run custom patron reports to view purchasing history
  • Learn more about your cheering fans

CRM Patron Profile

CRM patron profile

Sports Ticketing Software

All-in-one Sports Ticketing Software

A ticketing system that scores every time

When it comes to sports, we know you have some of the best fans in the world. Deliver the most efficient ticketing process possible to your dedicated patrons by using our all-in-one sports ticketing software. With features such as season ticket packages with special perks or preferred seating, CRM profiles, advanced seat map technology, mobile scanning, and merchandise sales, you'll be ready to start your sports season with a bang. Bring the best to your patrons when you harness the power of our ticketing software for sporting events.

  • Offer season ticket packages with special perks or preferred seating
  • Use CRM profiles to collect patron information and generate reports
  • Create custom seating maps with advanced seat map technology
  • Scan tickets with mobile scanners
  • Sell merchandise

Scanners &
mobile capabilities

Scanners & Mobile Capabilities

Keep lines moving with mobile scanners

Everyone dreads standing in long lines at sporting events, so our e-tickets and mobile scanners were specifically designed to get fans to their seats faster. Mobile scanners can quickly check in e-tickets with the click of a button under any circumstance - in dark arenas, offline, or under the pressure of managing large groups. Need to scan more than just tickets? Use our mobile scanners to check parking tickets or to access event statistics. With the convenience and speed of our mobile capabilities, waiting in long lines will never be an issue for your loyal fans.

  • Scan e-tickets on a mobile device
  • Use scanners for sports or parking tickets
  • Scan in the dark or offline

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Event merchandise

Event Merchandise Sales

Help your patrons show team pride

Let your biggest fans represent you by selling your most popular merchandise. Offer products directly through our ticketing system to facilitate your merchandising process. Merchandise can be global to sell during all events, or event-specific for playoff games or theme nights. Stay connected with your patrons by sending custom delivery messages or item disclaimers after each online purchase. Take advantage of all our merchandise features to keep your fans excited and engaged with their favorite teams!

  • Sell directly from the ticketing system
  • Make merchandise global or event-specific
  • Send custom delivery or disclaimer messages