Quickbooks Desktop Integration

VBO Tickets, in partnership with Better Idea Group, provides a simple to use Quickbooks Desktop integration. This bridges the gap between accounting GL numbers in our event ticketing software with those in your Quickbooks Desktop software, bringing you a seamless and in sync experience.

VBO Accounting Panel GL Numbers

Simple setup and configuration

Getting started is simple with the intuitive portal in VBO Tickets. You can pick a single income account or separate income accounts for every ticket.

All configurations stay inside VBO Tickets. And all the bookkeeping team needs is the "Desktop Toolkit" (an installable application for Windows), provided by Better Idea Group. For more information please visit www.betterideagroup.com or call +1.208.906.0618

Better Idea Group

Looking for integration to your Quickbooks Online account?

Quickbooks Online
How it works

VBO Tickets + Better Idea Group

better idea group quickbooks dates
Enter your unique key provided by VBO Tickets, into your Desktop Toolkit provided by Better Idea Group. Select a date range and press the 'Add' button to sync.
better idea group quickbooks entries
The Toolkit pulls in entries from VBO Tickets that represent your day's sales, and adds them into a separate Journal Entry in QuickBooks that can be matched to a VBO Tickets sales reports.
big idea group quickbooks
Entries that have been synced with VBO Tickets will appear in your Quickbooks Desktop account as journal entries.