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5 Ticketing Features To Help Your Museum Prosper

Every museum has a unique experience, distinct traits, and most importantly a specific order of operations. Ticketing, one of the many operations, is a significant part of most museums. Within ticketing, museums use various functionalities to ensure everything is running efficiently and their patrons are satisfied with their experience. Interested to know which features could help your museum? As specialists in the museum ticketing industry, our work with museums has given us the ability to fine tune and understand what is valuable to these organizations. From our experience, here are the top five sought after features that we believe will help your museum prosper.

Automatic Event Scheduler

When you have the same event recurring every day, week, or month, it can be tedious to manually create the event over and over again. With an automatic event scheduler, you can set your events to populate during a specific time and day. This alleviates the process of manual event creation and leaves your events to auto populate on their own, so you can focus on other tasks at hand.

Museum Memberships

Memberships give your patrons the opportunity to choose how dedicated they want to be to your museum. You can sell your patrons 1 month, 3 month, 6 month, or 1 year memberships, so they can choose how many and which events they want to attend

You can add a membership in VBO Tickets by selecting it under the subscription type. Name the membership and add an allotted amount of tickets to it. Choose the length of time and if you want the tickets to be applied per event or event date. If you want to discount your membership, then that is an option you can add as well.

Timed Ticket Entry

Timed ticketing allows promoters to arrange tickets into conditional categories that are assigned to specific time-slots. This helps to regulate the flow of patrons, reduce long lines and overcrowding. Not only can this improve your patrons’ experience, timed ticketing also helps to track your admissions more efficiently. For instance, if you have an exhibit within your museum, timed ticketing unlocks that exhibit with the purchase of a main ticket.

Build a pricing template that works to accommodate your organizations needs. These templates can be tailored by price, section, and ticket type. Create multiple pricing templates and adjoin them to the events you want to use timed ticketing for.

With timed ticketing, the time-slot tool gives you the ability to view, track, and edit ticket availability in real-time. If a time-slot is sold out, patrons are notified during their selection process. This is used to prevent the over-selling of your events.

Last but not least, our check-in manager gives you the ability to see who is attending the event for a given time, and to check each person in by simply tapping a button on their name.

Ticket Add-ons

For patrons who are purchasing tickets to your museum, offer them a ticket add-on to make their event-going experience better! Depending on the type of event, you have the option to sell whatever you want with the purchase of main ticket. For example, maybe you want to sell 3-D glasses to a 3-D movie in your IMAX theatre? The possibilities are endless to what you want to sell with your tickets!

To use this functionality, choose one of the events in VBO Tickets you have created. Edit the event by checking the ticket add-on box and name the add-on you want to sell during checkout. This perk will benefit your museum sales and your patrons can enhance their experience if they choose to do so.

Donation Campaigns

Donors are a valuable asset to museums because they contribute to the overall success and financial security of them. It is important to maintain your relationships with automatic outreach and donation campaigns. Automatic outreach helps to keep an open door of communication between you and your donors. It is also a way to show your donors how much you appreciate their contributions to your organization. Donation campaigns are a way to encourage your ticket buyers to donate to a specific cause or fund within your organization. For higher conversions, VBO Tickets allows you to attach a campaign to your events and have your patrons donate and purchase a ticket at the same time.

Advertising Opportunities

Advertisements can be eye-catching, especially when they are placed on your patron’s tickets. By advertising on your tickets, this gives you the opportunity to showcase your upcoming events, support local businesses, and highlight other information you want people attending your event to know about. You can also sell sponsorships to your event partners and display their ad on your tickets to express gratitude for their contributions.

Trying to find the right features to operate your museum is made easier with VBO Tickets’ integrated museum ticketing features. Every organization operates differently but could benefit from a set of features that helps any museum prosper. Many of our museum clients use these features to help alleviate various tasks and improve patron satisfaction in their organization. It is important for us to provide our clients with a museum ticketing software that allows them to utilize various unique features that they can customize and orient to their needs.

If you are looking for some advice on where to begin, we believe it all starts with the ticketing solution you’re using. In VBO Tickets, we have streamlined the process of managing your admissions, donors, events, and memberships for museums.


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