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Sell virtual events with live or on-demand video streaming

We’ve always been quick to develop features that meet the needs of event promoters. It’s what has allowed us to grow into the all-in-on event ticketing solution we are today. Now, our development of live streaming and on-demand video technology is in direct response to the challenges associated with producing and promoting events during a pandemic. The ability to live stream virtual events directly within the VBO Tickets plugin on a promoter’s website allows organizations to easily and flexibly monetize video content; a practice of particular interest and benefit while public gatherings have temporarily been suspended. With the ability to accommodate both live and pre-recorded events (on-demand), sell tickets for private viewings, plus function with popular live streaming services like Zoom, Vimeo and YouTube (with additional services being added), this technology is a game changer in a changed world.

Virtual event video streaming VBO Tickets

Sell streaming content along side live events

The entire industry has been significantly altered, and we are changing with it. This technology empowers organizations to continue to adapt, create, and promote securely and immediately. We developed this new technology in part to allow organizations a way to recoup expenses from cancelled events by generating new revenue streams for new digital content. Yes, this is a critical investment for the present, but also for the future reality of event promotion. Even after public events are taking place again, there’s a population that will likely feel safer for a time not participating in person. So, in addition to addressing the most immediate needs of promoters and patrons alike, our technology also opens up a number of opportunities for streaming content to be used as parallel and supplementary experiences to any event on an ongoing basis.

Easy to set up virtual events

The patron experience is intuitive and easy to use; settings for streaming video are added right into the same event and ticket setup process. The individual code and link on the purchaser’s e-ticket or mobile ticket simply takes them to the page on the promoter’s website where the VBO Tickets plugin is embedded and launches the live streaming event. On the promoter end, the special viewing code and link are customizable within the existing e-ticket or mobile ticket templates.

Protect your video content

Perhaps the most exciting and innovative component of this technology is that the unique code prevents sharing. Up until now, retaining control of content and thus optimizing revenue has been one of the main obstacles for organizations taking part in the streaming movement. VBO Tickets’ protected code used to view a stream cannot be used by anyone else, however, the code is smart enough to permit a patron to sign out during a current viewing session and use the same code to access the live event on a different device. 

Streaming video accessIn this era of uncertainty, it’s critical to have a reliable, high-functioning platform known for consistent, relevant upgrades and a trusted vision. Our new live streaming and on-demand video technology is yet another example of our dedication to real time solution-based software even during hard times.

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