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Colleges & universities love our HECVAT and ADA compliance, payment gateways, and campus authentication features.

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College & University Ticketing Software

VBO Tickets provides Colleges and Universities with a complete solution for multi-department event management and ticketing. Our assistance with the challenges of academic institues has helped our clients become more effective in all areas, such as donor relations and online ordering. What problems are you facing in your organization?

  • Are your departments working in different systems?

    Colleges with multiple departments using separate systems deal with the issues of multiple accounts, inconsistent report matching, and a potential loss of sales data.

  • All-in-one and multi-account management

    We offer a one-stop solution that handles ticketing, registrations, memberships, subscriptions, donations, and merchandise. We also provide multi-department sign on to keep data clean and organized.

  • Do you need to validate students and faculty during the online purchasing process?

    Students, staff, and faculty often buy tickets and register for events from the same interface the public would. In doing so they may not be identified upon signing in as a student or faculty member.

  • Simplified with single sign-on

    We integrate with your active campus directory to validate students, staff, and faculty with our single sign-on feature so they can use university credentials to sign in. This greatly reduces redundant actions during online checkout. Coming soon: provide discounts and restricted ticket offers to your campus community after sign on validation.

  • Does your current provider struggle with data security?

    Security is critical for maintaining your online presence and providing a legal and safe checkout experience for your patrons, students, and staff. Some ticketing platforms may not be up to security standards or may not even comply with legal requirements.

  • Secured from every angle

    VBO Tickets has gone to great lengths to make certain our software and online purchase process is fully SSL secured, PCI compliant, GDPR regulated, and HECVAT proficient. This means you can rest easy knowing your customer’s data is encrypted and their credit card transactions are secure and compliant with industry regulations.

Jessica Segal
Switching to VBO not only helped us increase ticket sales but it gave us tools to better report and track sales as well. It is intuitive and user friendly, both for the customer and the admins, and their customer service and support is amazing.
Jessica Segal, North Central College
St. Norbert Univeristy
St. Norbert College

Brandable event plugins for your website.

See how St. Norbert College is using VBO Tickets' events plugin. Below is their real events plugin within, styled to match their colors. Go ahead, click around and see how it works!

Carthage College
Carthage College

Brandable event plugins for your website.

See how Carthage College is using VBO Tickets' events plugin. Below is their real events plugin within, styled to match their colors. Go ahead, click around and see how it works!

Lawrence University
Lawrence University

Brandable event plugins for your website.

See how Lawrence University is using VBO Tickets' events plugin. Below is their real events plugin within, styled to match their colors. Go ahead, click around and see how it works!

St. Norbert College

An Interview

VBO Tickets has several powerful features available. We needed something that had strong registration, ticketing, and reporting components while being up to date on all PCI requirements.

Wisconsin Lutheran College

A Case Study

VBO Tickets stood out from the rest. The ability for customization in so many facets of the software, from seat maps to discounts to graphics was a very appealing feature.

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Campus authentication

Connecting your campus with SSO

On any campus, ease and safety for your students, faculty, and staff comes first. Take full advantage of our campus authentication integration to verify access with your university's active directory. When using our single-sign-on feature, campus members with SSO credentials can access your events and make online purchases without creating another account. With our online authentication for colleges and universities, your campus community will never be frustrated with getting online: instead, our SSO feature will help them gain access quickly and safely.

  • Single-sign-on for students, faculty, and staff
  • No additional accounts needed
  • Safely complete online purchases


Multi Department Support

Your departments, all under one roof

No matter what type of event you're managing, our dedicated team offers support for every department on your campus. Our software for college ticketing allows unlimited users with different levels of access, whether they are staff, faculty, or student employees. Each department can use our white label integration to display specific events on their own webpage, rather than using different platforms. Colleges cater to so many different events, so don't settle for a ticketing system that only supports one type of department: keep everyone connected with our college ticketing software.

  • Handle multiple different event types
  • Cater to various different campus departments
  • Create unlimited user accounts with different access levels
  • Utilize white label integration

Advanced Reporting

Advanced Reporting & CRM

Turn your customers into your community

Make the most of your customer management needs by using our CRM profiles and patron reporting features. CRM profiles include information such as patron contact information, donor activity, previous transactions, and registration statuses so you can more effectively understand your customers. Run patron reports to access all necessary personal information, all previous orders and attended events, and past financial records to make sure you're gaining the best understanding of your patrons. It doesn't matter how your customers interact with your campus: our CRM profiles and reporting options allow you to gather information to get to know the people in your community.

  • Access all important customer information at once
  • Build custom reports
  • View previous or current transactions
  • Track customers' buying habits

Daily Sales Report

Daily Sales Report

College Ticketing Software

All-in-one College Ticketing Software

Graduate beyond simple ticket sales

Our college ticketing system was built with you in mind, so you can get the most out of our white label software. Take advantage of more than simple ticket sales, such as registration for workshops or special events. Does your campus include theatres or sporting arenas? Our seat map builder lets you create customized seat maps, allowing you to label your sections and rows for your assigned seating or general admission events. Maybe you just need a good system to sell event tickets: we can keep it simple, too. No need to implement multiple platforms to handle the day-to-day happenings at your college. Instead, you can trust our team at VBO Tickets to help you meet all your needs, inside and outside of the classroom.

  • Create registration options
  • Build seat maps that fit your layout
  • Use assigned seating technology or general admission features
  • Sell tickets or registrations for multiple different departments

Security &

Security & compliance

Protecting your campus community

Our team knows just how important it is to keep everyone on your campus safe, inside the classroom or out. We have completed the HECVAT questionnaire to measure security risk factors and protect your most vulnerable data. We're also integrated with PCI compliant credit card processors, so transactions made within our ticketing system are done within a secure environment. ADA and VPAT compliances make us ready to handle any assistive technologies you require within your community. Here at VBO Tickets, we're prepared to meet your security needs and keep your campus safe and sound.

  • Completed HECVAT
  • PCI compliant
  • ADA and VPAT compliant
  • SSL secured


Payment gateways

Securing your payment options

Payment gateways offer great, safe options when patrons pay by credit card. Our university ticketing software integrates with various PCI compliant gateways such as PayPal,, BlueFin, Stripe, and TouchNet allowing you to manage your funds directly instead of cycling through a third party service. With its added security features and ease of access, using the gateway of your choice makes your card transactions easy for both parties, protecting your patrons's card information and depositing their money straight to you.

  • Partnered with PayPal,, Stripe, BlueFin, and TouchNet
  • Money gets deposited directly to you
  • Transactions are PCI compliant and secure